10 Best Adsense Alternatives for Nigerian Bloggers


There are many alternatives to Google Adsense, but these 10 are the best.

There are many different online income sources for bloggers. One of the most popular options is Adsense, which is owned by Google. However, there are some other exciting alternatives that can be even more lucrative for your blog.

Adsense has been a good source of income for Nigerian bloggers. But it is not easy to get a decent amount of traffic to your blog – especially if you are new and without the support of a big brand. This article will show you 10 alternatives that can help you generate decent traffic to your blog while earning money from it.

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Advertising is an important form of revenue for many bloggers, but, due to the increasing use of ad blockers on mobile devices, traditional advertising methods have become increasingly difficult for them to monetize their content.

Without wasting time let’s now look at 10 best alternatives to Adsense for bloggers and they are as follows:


Media.net is one the best alternative to adsense as matter of fact it is the second largest ad network in the world following adsense.

Media.net is one of the most widely-used platforms for web publishers to earn money from their website traffic. With this advertising platform, publishers can choose from a range of methods including banner, text & video ads, as well as social media promotion. Publishers are able to earn money on traffic worth anything between $0.01 – $0.30 per 1000 impressions!

It has more than 100,000 publishers and 10 million unique monthly visitors. The platform offers an easy solution for low-volume websites to monetize their traffic without the need for large upfront investments.

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Click the link below to sign up:


Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is a network of advertisers and publishers who come together to create and produce high quality ads. They offer a wide range of ad types including: banner ads, image ads, text ads, video ads, and native ad units.

Propeller Ads is a network that connects advertisers and publishers. The ads created by Propeller Ad have a high click-through rate and can be delivered to a wide variety of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Display Network & more.

They began in 2011 and have become one of the most popular places to use pop-unders. The ads increase your revenue with low investment, which means you’re getting great ROI.

Click the link below to sign up:



Adsterra is an alternative platform for monetizing your website without the need to install adsense on it.

Adsterra is a revolutionary platform that allows website owners to monetize their site without the need to install adsense on it. They offer ad formats such as videos, banners and text links, which can be monetized through their affiliate program.

With Adsterra, you can get 90% of the ad revenue that you would get from adsense. If you’re a blogger or content creator in nigeria, this is the perfect option for generating income and creating digital products to grow your blog.

Click the link below to sign up:



Infolinks is one of the best alternatives to adsense for bloggers who don’t want to rely on ads for their website’s income. Infolinks works with networks like Google, YouTube, Facebook and even Pinterest to deliver targeted traffic.

Infolinks works with networks like Google, YouTube, Facebook and even Pinterest to deliver targeted traffic. This allows website owners to increase traffic and generate leads from the most popular online platforms. With Infolink’s social media marketing toolkit, website owners can also post relevant content on every social media platform imaginable in a single click.

click the below link to sign up:




PopAds is an alternative to adsense for bloggers. It is designed specifically for bloggers who have been looking to monetize their blog from day one. PopAds offers a variety of monetization options, including CPA, CPM, CPC, and more. If you’re a blogger that’s been experimenting with the idea of using PopAds on your blog, this article will help you get

PopAds is a network of websites that offer monetization options for bloggers, most notably through the use of PopAds advertisements. Bloggers can choose between various monetization options including Cost-Per-Action (CPA), Cost-Per-Mille (CPM), Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and more. This article discusses what monetization option is suitable for your blog and

You can sign up for PopAds here;



Evadav is a Nigeria Adsense alternative for bloggers and online publishers. It offers monetization services for websites or blogs. This platform enables content creators to make money from their writing without having to resort to the ills of PPC advertising.

Evadav is a website that offers monetization services for websites or blogs. This platform helps you earn money from your online work by connecting you with advertisers who are willing to pay for your site’s content.

You can sign up for Evadav here:



Ezoics is a platform where you can earn from text ads. Ezoics is a combination of a digital marketing platform and a comprehensive content distribution system, where users can earn from text ads. Ezoics offers multiple ways to monetize content – from paid ad placements to sponsored posts.

If youre having a hard time signing up to adsense, this might be a good alternative. Some of the ways you can get paid are by working on surveys, participating in tasks, or promoting products.

You can sign up for Ezoic here by clicking the link below:



Adcash is a popular alternative to adsense for Nigerian bloggers. Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative forms of revenue available online. Affiliate marketing allows you to make money through advertising without needing to place ads on your blog or website, which can be time consuming and difficult.

Affiliate marketing is a method of selling products or services by attracting potential customers to the seller’s website and directing them to make a purchase. This is done in many ways, such as through display advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), e-mail marketing, social media and content marketing.

You can sign up for AdCash here:



PopCash is another great alternatives to adsense that bloggers can subscribe to. It’s an easy way for bloggers to monetize their content and its flexible payment option helps bloggers build up a savings account for the future.

Bloggers are already familiar with monetizing their content through advertising, affiliate marketing, and other means. But they can now add simple payment option to their blog. This new feature helps bloggers build up a savings account for the future.

You can sign up for PopCash here:



Bidvertiser is an Advertising network that allows bloggers to earn money while they blog. They provide all the tools that bloggers need to build, grow and monetize their blogs.

Bloggers often struggle to find ways to monetize their blog, and this is where Bidvertiser comes in. Their advertising network allows bloggers to earn money while they blog. They provide tools such as a blog manager and analytics so that bloggers can track the performance of their blogs and optimize for more traffic and revenue.

You can sign up for Bidvertiser here:

Here you have it a comprehensive list of best Adsense alternative for Nigerian bloggers,Kindly help share this write up with your social media connects and also if you have any comments drop them in the comments box below.



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