10 best government free online courses with certificates


Government courses have been designed to teach you about topics from economics, social security, criminal justice and more. The courses are available for free online and often have certificates available for students who complete the course work.

There are many different online courses available at no cost for GED learners. These courses provide a comparative perspective of content and can help individuals know what they need to learn in order to find success in their careers.

Online courses are one of the best ways to learn a new language or take an online course for your career. They are often free and don’t require you to leave your home. Check out these 10 government-run online courses with certificates that can help you in your future endeavors.

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CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science is a free online course

Introduction: CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science is a free online course that helps students gain the knowledge and skills needed to understand how computer science can impact their lives.

MITx is an online learning platform that offers these courses for free. MIT’s goal with this course is to help people “competently design and implement software systems.”

The Introduction to Computer Science course will give students a well-rounded introduction into the field of computer science. It will cover topics like data structures, algorithms, operating systems, programming languages and concepts like abstraction and encapsulation. Students will also learn how they can apply these skills in real world scenarios.

Some famous companies such as Spotify use AI writing assistants as a way to generate content for their

To get a complete overview of computer science, you need a good understanding of its history and the field’s theories. The course will cover this by walking through how computer science has been applied to solve various real-world problems.

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Introduction: The CS50 course is an online introduction to computer science taught at Harvard University. It consists of interactive video lectures teaching concepts such as data structures, algorithms, and software engineering through engaging projects.

Public Work The free online government certifications program

Public Work is a government certification program that’s available on the internet. It was created to help public sector professionals gain skills, credentials and professional recognition. Learn more about Public Work and how it can help you advance your career.

Public Work is a free online government certifications program that allows professionals to learn from the experts. The platform features hundreds of courses and thousands of hours worth of expert-level content on topics such as marketing, leadership, finance, accounting and more.

Risk Communication Essentials The free online government certifications program

With the rise of cyber-attacks, government agencies are taking new steps to stay ahead of hackers by creating more secure networks and better information sharing. But the fight against hackers is only one part of the overall risk communication strategy. Learn about the other key components on our government website.

Your course will be available online, free-of-charge on the government website. You’ll learn the skills you need to communicate risk effectively and students are encouraged to practice what they learn.

Economic Development Professionals

Don’t waste your time any longer. You’re always looking for shortcuts instead of being patient, right? This online training program will help you get started quickly and save a lot of money as well! You’ll grow both professionally & personally as an economic development expert, technical & industrial knowledge, connection building, evaluating, assessing & problem-solving, leadership and influence.


Incident Management System

Health Emergencies Program is a government program that trains workers on essential skills and knowledge to better their deployment and response capabilities. The WHO has made this certifications program easily available online, meaning no classes to attend or exams to pass in order to get certified.

Health Cluster

This method enables people to find a place of protection as well as provide care with efficiency and humanity.

The GHC created this online government certification program to help train people who might be able to respond in times of humanitarian disasters. It is a successful initiative that has already reached millions of people, helping them learn how to help others and save lives.

Code Enforcement Officers courses

Code enforcement officers are responsible for all aspects of zoning, land use and housing decisions in the city and county. These officers help to maintain public safety, order, peace and welfare. Through their duties they identify hazards that could diminish the quality of life.

At the University of Georgia, there is a free, online government cert program that can help you advance your career..

This course will provide you with information about the ins & outs of the municipal industry. It has information for both newcomers and seasoned experts on the subject.

Introduction to Competency-Based Learning

Many universities are moving away from the traditional class-based system and are now implementing competency-based learning. In this type of education, students don’t have to take a specific course. Instead, they work through self-paced modules that help them gain the knowledge and skills needed for a given profession.

At the risk of sounding alarmist, most people are very unaware of the upcoming threats in their world. The World Health Organization (WHO) offers a free online government certification course meant to prepare health workers with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively handle modern health emergencies, such as a future outbreak or pandemic that is highly likely to occur.

Standard Precautions: Waste Management courses

Standard precautions are vital for all those who work with hazardous waste. The goal of these courses is to ensure that workers take the appropriate steps to avoid breathing in, ingesting or coming in contact with hazardous substances. In order to promote health and safety, these classes are available online.

There are numerous types of garbage but they all require different methods of disposal. Learn more about the types and find out how to efficiently manage each one by enrolling in this online government certificate.

Introduction to Go.Data courses

This is a course about Go.Data, a programming library that includes data structures and algorithms to help developers construct software quickly and easily. The course will cover the basics of Go. Data, including its features such as generics, concurrency, channels and more.

WHO built and directed Go.Data, which uses website & mobile app tools for collecting health information.

Introduction to Go.Data is a free online certification program that teaches interested learners about how to use the software in the event of an epidemic.

Here you have it a list of free government courses you can take without paying a dime all the courses are free to enroll for. Kindly help share this information on your various social media channels.



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