10 Most expensive things in the world




The world is full of amazing and unusual things. Some are rare, others quite common; some you can buy, others only dreamed about. In this write up we will take a look at 10 most expensive items in the world that will make your jaw drop!


Antique Rose:  $100 million

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Antique rose is one of the most expensive flowers in the world.

It was created by a Dutch grower, Jan Bosschaert from his own breeding program and is grown at Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, London. He sold it to an anonymous bidder for $100 million dollars on November 27th 2004. The rose has yet been named but will be called “Jan’s Dream” after its creator. In 2005 scientists found that this year’s bloom contained not just one but two new species of Rosa roxburghii!


This particular flower is very rare because only three exist worldwide…


In 2011 another Antique Rose appeared in auction with a starting price of £150 000 ($235000) – which had to compete with the antique Rose that sold for $100 million in 2004.

The Antique Rose offered at auction had been grown by Mr Bosschaert’s son, Paul and is believed to be a descendent of the one from his father’s original breeding program.

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Hideyoshi Kinen Grand Prize (Gold Bar): $57 million

This is another gold bar that is worth a whopping $57 million.

This gold bar was originally a piece of the Golden Lily, which had been stolen by US forces from Japan’s Imperial Palace in 1945 and has since become one of the most valuable treasures lost during World War II.


The discovery of this particular Gold Bar occurred when it was being appraised for an insurance company following theft on April 26th 2012 in Honolulu. The thieves apparently dropped the 14-pound (about six kilograms) gold brick while trying to break into a safe where it was stored at First Hawaiian Bank’s Waikiki branch.


It turned out that they were not able to crack open the safe so their efforts went unrewarded – until now!


The Hope Diamond: $45 millon


The hope diamond is one of the most famous jewels in the world and is owned by Harry Winston, Inc.

It was discovered all the way back in 1642 off the coast of India but has since been cut down from a larger stone into its current heart-shaped form to be worn as a necklace.


The Hope diamond’s unique blue colour comes about because it contains tiny traces of boron within its crystal structure which refract light at different wavelengths than ordinary diamonds – this gives it that intense look!


A recent report indicated that when polished, some parts are more transparent than others – what they found was surprising: The transparency varies widely across the surface with many areas being almost completely opaque while other sections were so clear you could read text through them!


Graff Pink Diamond: $46 million

Graff Pink Diamond is a beautiful pink diamond that was discovered in 1999 and is the most expensive ever sold.


The uniqueness of this stone lies in its “fancy” rose-cut, which allows light to play on all facets throughout so it can show off an amazing colour range from whitish pink to deep purplish red

The story goes that he bought it for his wife as an engagement ring

And now the Graff Pink Diamond has been cut down into smaller stones: three marquise diamonds with one suspended above them like a droplet, two pear shaped gems and two round ones – these are now worth $25 million each!

Luxury goods companies have always brought out exclusive collections just for their top clients who want


Seacliff Estate (California): $38 million

Seacliff Estate is one of the most expensive properties in the world

It was commissioned by a goldsmith, and it is now owned by John A Lewis who bought this mansion from the founder of Wells Fargo. The estate comprises more than 18 rooms including six bedrooms


The property has its own private beach as well as helicopter landing pad

Seacliff Estate is located near Santa Cruz on the Pacific Coast Highway with sweeping views all around – but not inland!


This means that night-time security needs to be top notch because there are no neighbors for miles close enough to stop any intruders!


Many people believe that Seacliff Estate’s location makes it one of the most expensive homes in America. Others disagree saying that what matters is total cost rather than the cost per square foot.


Villa La Fiorentina (Italy):$35million

This unique villa is located in the Tuscan countryside

Not only does it have a swimming pool, but also an indoor and outdoor cinema

But for those who are most interested in paying to stay here – beware! It doesn’t come cheap. Guests need to pay €60,000 per night!


Hôtel de Crillon Paris: $28 million


Another pricey hotel – this is located in the heart of Paris

This luxury spot has been around since 1758

And it features a Michelin-starred restaurant and guest rooms with gold plated furniture

More expensive than its American counterpart, Beverly Hills Hotel, costing $25 million per night to stay here.


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Crystal Piano, 3.2 million US

The crystal piano valued at $300,000. It is made with lead crystal and gold plated hardware.

It is the world’s most expensive handmade piano by a long shot and it packs quite an impressive punch for its price tag too.

The instrument comes in at just over three million dollars – putting it as one of the ten most expensive things in this list.

– The crystal piano valued at $300 thousand US Dollars (USD) or roughly €246,0900 Euros (EUR) is made with leaded glass and gold plated hardware; It is the world’s most pricey manufactured piano by a significant margin ….. And it provides an incredible value for its cost because the furniture increases to around €246.


Magnetic floating bed, 1.6 million USD ·

The magnetic floating bed   was first introduced by American inventor and futurist, Robert M. Shelton

In the 60s he created a prototype for the bed with two 36 volts electro-magnets to create lift

The current version is made from carbon fiber, but it still requires an additional power source of electricity or batteries to work properly

It can be positioned in any direction without touching anything else on your bedroom floor. It was originally priced at $2600 USD when it became available back in 2012 … And now you can get one for as much as $1800 USD.  The magnetic floating bed costs around €1604 euros (EUR) depending on where you live.


Hanging garden kit – £5000 GBP ·

This garden kit is a combination of various plants like ferns, mosses and lichens

It’s not just for your windowsill though – it can also be hung from the ceiling

This kit will allow you to create an environment that is similar to being in a rainforest. The Hanging garden includes: The hanging frame with shelves for pots or soil; artificial turf matting; leaves, twigs and small branches (as well as other items); 20cm high pot support.


Included materials are enough to grow 600 herbs. You will need some space too – this thing doesn’t come cheap!

But if you’re after something different then this could be perfect. Buyers say they think it looks great once set.


Here you have it a list of the 10 most expensive things in the world, you can share this with your social media network and if you have any suggestion drop your comments below.


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