10 Signs You Need to Change Your Web Design Company



Your website is like your online office this is where you connect with your clients or customers. Your website measures the effectiveness of your business in the face of competition, it shows if you are really getting the right traffic for your business or not, it shows if you are making profit or not.

When you don’t get all this then you need to review your website by changing or getting a new website.

Engaging the service of a bad SEO agency can cost you so much in your business.

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In this write up we would highlight some notable factors when seen, will prompt you to change your website design company.

Here you have it top 10 signs that shows that you need a change in your website design company and they are as follows.

  1. Low SEO ranking is when your website gets low ranking in the search engines, this will results into less enquiry and sales. Low ranks is caused by on-page defects which needs to be rectified at once.

If your website receives negative comments or reviews from its visitors then you need to change your web design company, if this happens then neither can you move forward nor you can get back your lost customers.

If you see that your website has different kind of design like; templates, blogs and video etc then they need to change their web design company because these things have less quality than a custom-built site.


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A lot of people will be visiting your website so it needs to be responsive to the needs of visitors like if you have 10 products and your website shows 5 then it is not good.

If your navigation through a website is confusing then it’s time to change your web design company.

If your website is not showing any kind of creativity like banners, videos etc, then you need to change your web design company because these things will affect the conversion rate of your business that directly impacts on online sales.


  1. When your website is not communicating correctly with your audience.

Your website is like the face of your business so it must be appealing and interesting. When people think that your website is not good in communicating how you would relate with your customers then you need to go for a change. Let us say, if you are a fashion or clothes/shoes shop and when you have given different categories to sell shoes and other fashion items then people will think that your site is very informative.

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  1. Your website users find it difficult or impossible to contact you:

You have a business online and it offers goods or services, but when people visit your website they cannot get in touch with you (contact details missing) then it shows that there is no professionalism in your online business, and if this happens with your website then people will think that you are not having any concern for your customers.


If you have given a contact button on your website but when visitors click on the button they find it difficult or impossible to get in touch with you then this is also a sign of poor quality website design.

  1. When your visitors find your site content as irrelevant, that is neither relevant to their needs nor they get what they are searching for.

If you want to increase the number of people visiting your website and if you want them to become regular visitors then it must have an attractive content. If your content is not relevant to the visitors needs then it may be a sign of poor web design company and you need to change or get a new website because this can lead to the loss in sales which will result in a drop in online revenue.


  1. Your website lacks trust factor:

When you are going for some big deal, then you prefer to do your research on the supplier, but when you can’t find information about the company in Google search engine results then how you will trust that company?

The same thing happens with website visitors; if they cannot get any kind of information from your site then there is no reason for them to stick around.

  1. When your website is not working properly :

If your website is slow or it’s down for days, weeks or months at a time then you must be having some problem with your web design company. In this case, customers will move to another site because losing their business can cost more than changing the web design company.


  1. Your visitors are complaining about your website:

Your websites visitors are the reason for your business success, so if they complain about your site then you need to take a look at it and see what is wrong with it.

If people are asking why your website doesn’t work properly or deliver the right results then this can lead into more losses for you because people will move to your competitors.


  1. When you are not getting the expected results :

If your website is constantly going down, then it means that you need to change or get a new web designer because they are not performing as per your requirements; this may result into losses for you when customers will go to other sites and buy from them instead of yours.

  1. If you are wasting your time on social media instead of business then this is a big warning sign 

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When people are spending their valuable time in sharing posts or messages from different social media sites, then it means they are not getting what they were looking for so they will look somewhere else.

  1. When you want to spend less and get more, then changes are needed:

When you are paying a lot but don’t have the desired results then there is something wrong so it is time to change your web design company or pick another one for your business.

Here you have it 10 signs you need to change your website, help share this write up with your social media network.


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