20 Best Courses to Study in Nigeria


What are the top 20 courses to study in Nigeria?. This guide will be helpful to students who are finding it difficult to choose a course to study or finding it difficult to choose a career part to follow.

This guide was carefully selected by different experts who are educationists and is good in counseling students who are finding it uneasy to choose a course of study to follow.

All these courses are very interesting to study and students that study those courses have very high opportunity of gaining employment than their counterparts who study other courses.

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The courses are listed in no particular other and will be beneficial to both students and parents in choosing the best course for their wards.

List of Top 20 Best Courses to Study in Nigeria

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Business Administration
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Computer Science
  • Medicine
  • Marketing
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Theatre Art
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing and Laboratory Science
  • Banking and Finance


  1. Accounting

Accounting happens to be one of the top 20 courses to study in Nigeria. Accountant are very important to every organisation, every company needs an accountant in their organisation, both big and small medium companies need an accountant in their establishment.

An Accountant is somebody who helps a company to maintain and prepare their financial records, he or she makes sure the books of the company are kept up to date.

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A qualified Accountant earns between 400000-550000 naira depending on the job experience.


  1. Economics

They are called Economist and the course Economics is one of the most lucrative course to study and they are one of the most employable in the labour market. Economist are found in most financial organisation and they are part of the decision making body of the organisation, because they help to interpret economic and financial trends.

Economist earned around 300,000- 450,000 monthly.


  1. Medicine

Medicine is one of the most-admired and very lucrative courses we have in Nigeria today, the profession commands respect and is being respected by all. The course is so competitive among students who wants to become Doctors in the country, the duration of the course is a lengthy one because on like other courses where students spend just four years or five years to get a degree, medicine is different because their student spends 7 years studying the courses.

Medicine is one of the highest-paid profession in Nigeria, Doctors earn around 800000-100000 naira monthly.


  1. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is also one of the most lucrative and most respected profession in these country Nigeria. Students who wants to become a pharmacy spend nothing less than 6 years studying the course and becoming a certified pharmacy in the country. Pharmacy is a very competitive course because if you don’t score high you will not be granted admission to study the course.


After studying Pharmacy you become a pharmacist by profession and you begin to earn well, the average salary of a pharmacist is between 500000-650000 naira.


  1. Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering is one of the most lucrative course among the Engineering course we have here in Nigeria. Petroleum Engineers are expert on issues of oil and gas in the country, you find them most on oil rigs and oil facilities across the country, they are well paid because they are consultant in their area of interests they earn around 1 million naira depending on experience on the job.

Petroleum Engineers spend around 5 years in the University to become an Engineer in that field of study.


  1. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is also another area of Engineering and one of the most lucrative field in Engineering. Mechanical Engineers are highly sort after in their industry and are paid well in their industry. Mechanical Engineers can be found in automobile industry and others engineering firms.

To become a Mechanical Engineer you will spend 5 years in the university to learn the rudiment of the profession and after that they can work in big multinational company and are paid around 500000 naira depending on the industry experience gained over the years, students who wish to become a Mechanical Engineer must be very brilliant.


  1. Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts is also one of the most lucrative and respected course in Nigeria, Theatre Art practitioner are well respected in this country because they help to promote morals in the society. Theatre Arts Practitioner are well known celebrity in the country because of their exploit in the film and media world.

To become a Theatre Art practitioner you have to be talented and very creative in the craft, without them their will not be a media world. To become a Theatre Art practitioner you will have to undergo a 4 years degree course to learn the craft and become a professional in the field, they earn well depending on their experience on the job.

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  1. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is also one of the most lucrative course in this country. The course is a respectable course among the other Engineering courses. Civil Engineers are mostly found in construction companies and they hold a high position in the society, they are mostly found in virtually all the construction projects in this country.

When it comes to projects like road, building, bridges you must find a civil engineer their doing their own part and assisting in making the projects a success. Civil Engineers are very well paid and they spend 5 years in the university perfecting their craft.


  1. Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance is one of the respected and highly lucrative course in Nigeria. Students of banking and finance spend 4 years in the university studying to a certified bankers. They mostly work in the financial sectors of the country like banks, insurance companies and the likes.


  1. Nursing and Laboratory Science

Nursing and Laboratory Science is also one of the most respectable course in the medical line. They assist the doctors in their line of duty. Without nurses the medical line will not be complete. Nurses are well paid in their industry and are well respected in their jobs.

This are the most highly rated and top courses in Nigeria, kindly help share with your social media network and if you have any suggestion or addition kindly drop your comments below.


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