20+ Smart Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Business Website


Pinterest can be a powerful tool to drive traffic from social media sites back to your business website.

With over 100 million active users, Pinterest provides an excellent platform for businesses of all sizes to reach new audiences and promote products through images. Users can create boards on any topic they choose, like “Home Decor” or “Fashion Trends,” and then save images from around the web that they like to those boards.

Boards can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere for friends of board members to see. This “re-pinning” process means engaged audience members are exposed not only to your favorite pictures but also content you think is important enough to share with them.

Users can also create their own boards by uploading images to a business website and then pinning them onto Pinterest. This is an excellent way for companies with product catalogs or other types of media-rich content to reach new markets—especially if they want to target women, who make up the majority (54%) of active users on Pinterest.

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Brilliant ways to Drive Traffic from Pinterest to your Business

1. Create fresh content and pins to share on your boards regularly, and make sure to include some of the most popular categories like fashion, home decorating, recipes, or sports especially ones relating to your niche or industry.

2. Create a Blog board to share your pins with the world. When people click on it, they’ll see all of your latest pinned content in one place!

3. Use images in the correct sizes and proportions. Make sure you read the instructions for each board on Pinterest to find out how big your images should be and what shape they should be in order to look their best

4. Use keywords in the title of pastes, descriptions, or captions

5. Pin as often as possible! Don’t forget about weekends and holidays when a lot of people are online, to make things easier you can automate your pinning

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6. If you want to drive traffic from Pinterest, comment on other pins and boards with great content. Follow the owners of those boards or people who pinned your posts so that they can see more of what you’re doing

7. Pin only things relevant to your business or industry – this will keep followers interested in following along and it’ll be easier to get on the home page of Pinterest with more relevant content

8. Be creative! Use different shapes or colors in your pins to make them stand out, don’t be afraid to mix and match a variety of items into one pin.

9. Follow other people’s boards that are similar to you’re own for inspiration – this is an easy way to find new content to pin

10. Experiment with repinning old posts. Sometimes we forget about pins that did well in the past and then get new followers who will be interested in the same content

11. Comment on other people’s pins – this not only shows them you like their post, but it also gives your company a bit of exposure when they see your name pop up in their feed


12. Don’t forget to use text! Add witty commentary or a funny caption to make your pins stand out. You can also mention where you found the pin, which is helpful for new followers

13. The most important thing with Pinterest marketing is consistency – it’s very hard to get noticed when people don’t see anything from you on there for weeks. Be sure to post at least once every other day

14. Claim your other social media channels in your description. On LinkedIn, you can add “Follow me on Pinterest!” as a call to action

15. Encourage your followers to pin! You can do this by asking them in the comments of one of their pins if they want to follow you or send some traffic back to your website

16. For those who are not using it already, set up boards for your blog’s content. For example, you might have one board for recipes and another for décor ideas

17. Only pin pictures that show off what you offer to the best of its ability – if it doesn’t look good on Pinterest then don’t bother!

18. Feature a few pins in each post with affiliate links near them. This will give followers an idea of what you’re getting at and why they should follow your links

19. Pin things that are similar to products or services offered on your site. For example, if you sell women’s clothing then include pins of other designers as well

20. Include a “pin it” button next to each product so followers can easily pin items from their screens without having to copy the URL

21. Pin your products on boards that are similar to what you offer. For example, if you sell clothing then pin it on fashion blogs and other designer’s pages

22. Make your Pins and blog graphics as attractive as possible to get likes and shares

23. Don’t pin too many items at once, but do the task out throughout the week so that people stay interested in what’s coming up next


We’ve given you some brilliant ways to use Pinterest to drive traffic back to your website.

But, it really is up to you as a business owner or marketer how often you want these strategies used and what type of content works best for driving people back on the site.

As long as there are pins that get re-pinned, liked, commented on, or shared – we’ll always be here with new ideas and tips!

So go ahead and start using some of our favorite tricks below right away!


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