30 Romantic English Names to Call Your Boyfriend



Today’s write-up will be for all the lovers, love is a special thing and love can be an expression and show of affection to your loved ones. Show of love can be in form of words, In this article we would look at some beautiful romantic names a girl can call her boyfriend, we have so many names that you can call your boyfriend, we have specially picked the best 30 names out of all the beautiful romantic names you can call your boyfriend, all the name outlined will be given each individual meaning so you can understand the meaning of each name outlined below.

A perfect nickname for your boyfriend should be one that reminds him how deeply he’s loved and appreciated. Above all, he must love the nickname too. Otherwise, the name will lose its intended vibes.

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  1. Adorable – This is a simple nickname that reminds your boyfriend of how much you adore him.
  2. Amore Mio – Italian for ‘my love.’
  3. Angel – Perfect for a sweet boyfriend. You can use variations like My Guardian Angel, My Only Angel, Angel Face, etc., depending on the intended meaning.
  4. Apple – A perfect fruity nickname for boyfriend.
  5. Babe – This classic boyfriend nickname has never lost its appeal.
  6. Baby – Not to be confused with Babe, Baby is a nickname for a boyfriend you look out for. A popular variation is Baby Boy.
  7. Baby Doll – An excellent pet name for a cute boyfriend.
  8. Bad Boy – Ideal for a rebellious boyfriend.
  9. Bear – If your boyfriend is big and powerful, then you won’t go wrong calling him a bear.
  10. Beloved – Simply means the loved one.
  11. Boo – Another classic pet name for boyfriends.
  12. Bun – A short, unique, but cute nickname for boyfriend.
  13. Button – This nickname can refer to the cuteness of buttons but it can also be sexually suggestive, like you want him to unbutton your pants right away.
  14. Buzz – Ideal for a simple boyfriend.
  15. Captain – Calling him Captain means that you’re entrusting your life and destiny in his hands.
  16. Casanova – Ideal for a sweet and romantic boyfriend.
  17. Charming – Self-explanatory.
  18. Cherub – Perfect for a sweet, romantic, and cute boyfriend.
  19. Chief – If your boyfriend loves to take charge of the relationship, Chief would be an apt nickname for him.
  20. Cookie – As sweet as a cookie.


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  1. Cowboy– Appropriate for a wild and rugged boyfriend.
  2. Cuddles – Appropriate for a boyfriend who loves to cuddle.
  3. Darling – Another classic and straightforward nickname for boyfriend.
  4. Dearie – You can call him Dearie if you don’t want to sound too cute.
  5. Doll – Ideal for an unbearably stunning boyfriend. Doll Face is a common variation.
  6. Dumpling – Ideal for a tasty boyfriend.
  7. Ecstasy – Resonates with feelings of ecstasy.
  8. Emperor – Nearly similar to Captain or Chief.
  9. Foxy – Foxy is a great name for a truly inspirational boyfriend.
  10. Giggles – Perfect for a boyfriend who’s always happy.

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Here you have it a list of all the beautiful romantic names you can call your boyfriend, like we said this names are some of the best names you can call your boyfriend, help share this write-up with your social media network and if you have any addition to this beautiful  article drop your comments below.


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