30+ Tips to Get Job fast in Nigeria


Nowadays, getting a job is not an easy task. There are many people out there who want to get a job but they don’t know how to do it.

As the world is evolving, the way of finding jobs has also undergone significant changes.

Gone are those days when people had to go around looking for job opportunities and spending a lot of time doing so.

Today, things have drastically changed from that as many people now rely on the internet for their job search. As you may know, Nigeria’s population comprises over 190 million and this means there is a huge market with plenty of opportunity waiting for you.

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And those who have been looking for jobs for a long time without success can also be desperate and so this article is written for them in Nigeria with the aim of providing 20 Tips To Get Job Fast In Nigeria.

The biggest problem with getting a job in Nigeria is employers asking for unrealistic years of experience that people think they cannot provide.

The answer is to start at the bottom and work your way up.

This article will give you 20 Tips To Get Job Fast In Nigeria, so please keep reading!

Tip no.01: Connect with potential bosses on LinkedIn or Facebook before sending out job applications anywhere else.

Tip no.02: Don’t just show up unannounced for an interview without doing your research online about the company first.

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Tip no.03: Know what you want before sending out job applications to any prospective employers at all and be sure not to apply for anything that doesn’t match what you’re qualified in or interested in.

Tip no.04: Write a resume, not just an outline of what you’ve accomplished in your life so far.

Tip no.05: Consider using tools like LinkedIn to find the perfect job for you or through websites that advertise jobs such as Monster and Indeed.

Tip no.06: Don’t rule out internships as a way to get your foot in the door.

Tip no.07: Consider writing about what you know and then pitching it to local magazines, newspapers or other online sources of information that would be interested in publishing content on topics related to your interests.

Tip no.08: Network with people who are in a field that interests you.

Tip no.09: Consider volunteering with an organization or group of people who share your values and interests, then use what you learn to establish contacts for future employment opportunities.

Tip no.10: Asking the right questions during interviews gives you the opportunity to show off more than just the skills on paper.

Tip no.11: Be confident, but not cocky in all of your interactions with the interviewer and follow up on any promises made during the interview process to show that you are serious about wanting this job.

Tip no.12: If possible, schedule interviews for times when there is less traffic so you arrive at the location early

Tip no.13: Check the company’s website and learn as much about it as possible before you go to your interview.

Tip no.14: Ask for feedback on previous interviews, either from a friend or colleague who has had an interview with the same company in order to improve your interviewing skills for future opportunities.

Tip no.15: Take a professional course to add more to your resume and skill set.

Tip no.16: Improve your communication skills by reading up on how to effectively communicate with others in order to reach a desired outcome or goal

Tip no.17: If you are not sure about the next steps for getting this job, research any upcoming corporate events that they might be hosting soon so you can ask about when the company will be hiring again.


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Tip no.18: Ask for feedback on your interview, this way you can understand what they are looking for in a candidate and improve future interviews

Tip no.19: Make sure that you have perfect posture during an interview to show them how professional you are

Tip no.20: Have a follow-up email to send after your interview just in case you need confirmation for the next steps

Tip no.21: Keep networking and applying – it is very important that candidates keep themselves top of mind with companies so they can be considered when positions are available

Tip no.22: Reach out to hiring managers on LinkedIn or other social media platforms so you can stay in touch with them to find out about the latest job openings

Tip no.23: Make sure that your resume is current and updated, this way when a company reviews it they will see how perfect of a fit you are for their role

Tip no.24: Keep on moving forward! When people get rejected from a position they tend to give up and not try again. However, it is important that as an applicant you keep moving forward with your search

Tip no.25: Be professional! Before meeting in person or applying for the job be sure to research about what the company’s corporate culture stands for

Tip no.26: Know when to show off your creativity! Though it is important to be professional in the workplace, you should also show that you are creative and have a sense of humor.

Tip no.27: Be confident when applying for jobs

Tip no.28: Make sure that you write an email with professionalism as well as enthusiasm

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Tip no.29: Learn modern technologies used in workplaces

Tip no.30: Know about a company before applying for the job

Tip no.31: Choose your words wisely when sending an email to apply for the position

Tip no.32: Be precise as you write and make sure that there are not any typos or misspellings in your resume, cover letter, and email

Tip no.33: Apply for jobs on weekends and holidays to increase your chances of getting a job quickly

Tip no.34: Know when to show off your creativity! Though it is important to be professional in the workplace, you should also show that you are creative and have a sense of humor.

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The best advice for getting a job in Nigeria is to find what you’re passionate about and go after it. There are always opportunities, so don’t give up! If you’re still looking for that perfect opportunity, here are 20 tips on how to get the job fast. Go out there and show them your skills. Good luck with your search!


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