5 Stress Management Tips to Survive Covid-19


Without a doubt, the terrible COVID-19 pandemic has had a serious impact on our daily lives.  Everyone is trying to adjust to the new way of life right now. Little wonder, some people even refer to it as the new normal.

Living in a lockdown can be a particularly difficult time for many. And with the number of cases increasing day by day, lots of educational and recreational centers locked down and many more has really made everything challenging.

In addition, all these challenges can be stressful, overwhelming and can cause strong emotional problems in adults and children. And when stressed, there are lots of things that it may cause. Like, fear, anger, sadness, difficulty in sleeping, headache even worse chronic health problems.

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It is natural to feel stress, grief, and worry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Don’t feel like you are different or possessed. Many people are out there also experiencing all of these.

And that is why this article is for you, to help you get over all this fear and anxiety.

So, below are ways that can help you and others around you manages stress during COVID-19.


In a time like this, taking care of the body is very important. There are many ways to take care of your body.

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* One of which is to calm the mind, tell yourself that the pandemic is just a phase that it will surely go. So many people have died before the pandemic even attack them. So it’s best if you calm your mind and have peace.

*Engage in a little exercise, that is, Walk up and down your stairs, take a walk around your compound, run a marathon on your balcony, stretch.

*Eat healthy food: Stress can make you lose appetite. Eating a good amount of healthy food at a time like this will help keep your body grounded and calm. Take vegetables and don’t eat too much.

Massage: Find someone to massage your body to calm and feel relax.


Drink water: lots of it.

Sleep: Get enough, dance and play.


Yes,  take a break from watching, reading or listening to news stories. It’s is good to be informed but constantly hearing news of COVID-19 can cause stress and fear to your body which may result to a bad health problems. So, relax, pause for a moment and forget all about the news on TV and all on social media and enjoy the moment.


Keeping in touch with nature has much psychological help. When surrounded by plants, it can help to improve mood,  reduce stress,  anxiety and encourage healthy eating. Take time to try out the plants and vegetables you planted. It will help a lot in a time like this.


A time like this shouldn’t go to waste. You can find something new, fun, and productive doing. Like learning a musical instrument, doing an online business, educating people online on food to take during this pandemic, helping someone out, and many more. Many of these will make you smarter, empathetic and happy.


You and your family or loved ones are probably adjusting to a new normal life,  which can be stressful and may take a lot of time. Set a routine to help you and your family feel safe and secure. You can all try to maintain a schedule:- wake up, eat food at the same time and go to bed. This would also be helpful to the kids.

It is best to discuss this with your kids, so they would know what is going on right now and how it is very important to keep social distance and need to be home. So, come up with a structure for the day that everyone can work with.

Having a schedule helps reduce everybody’s anxiety and fears. Have a plan for the day that includes specific work and chores.

conclusively, make sure you map out time for relaxing too, give yourself time and patience, you don’t have to be perfect especially in such a tough time as this.

Follow all the things listed above and be sure of a stress-free life in this pandemic period.


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