50 Historical Facts about Nigeria


Are you a student who wants to know more about the history of Nigeria or a Nigerian citizen who is simply curious about the present happenings in the country and you are wondering how it all started?

Well, you are in the right article as I will be sharing with the top 50 historical facts that are quite enlightening and interesting about Nigeria.

Nigerian Facts

1. The early Ijaw settlement took place in the 770AD.

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2. During the 800AD, the Yoruba modernization was already founded based on the Ile-Ife’s thirteen farming towns.

3. The year 1450 marks the start of European’s contact on the famous Atlantic coast.

4. In the year 1500, the Hausa kingdoms were founded in the Northern region of Nigeria.

5. During the year 1845, the very first structure in Nigeria was constructed in the Badagry area of Lagos State. –

6. The Northern state Kano which was one of the biggest cities in Africa made about 10 million pairs of sandals for export in the year 1851.

7. An agreement was made between Great Britain and Lagos Nigeria in the year 1851.

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8. Nigeria was formed under the rule of Governor Frederick Luggard in the year 1914.

9. A new currency was inaugurated in Nigeria in the year 1959

10. In the year 1960, precisely in the month of October, Nigeria got her independence from Britain.

11. In the year 1961, particularly on the 1st day of the month of October, Southern Cameroon departed from Nigeria and joined existing Cameroon after the plebiscite organized by the UN on the 11th of February 1961.

12. On the 1st day of October 1963, Nigeria became a republic.

13. The construction of Cocoa house- the building which was once the tallest building in tropical Africa was completed in 1965.

14. In the year 1975, a brand new car has been sold for just N2000.

15. The fee of an air ticket to London was not up to N100 in the year 1975.

16. In the year 1976, Nigeria’s 60 kobos were exchanged for only one U.S dollar while 75 kobos exchanged for one British Pounds, Sterling.

17. Initially, a travel visa was not required from anyone who traveled to the United Kingdom until the year 1984.

18. In the year 1963, the famous Nigerian Nobel Laureate – Wole Soyinka wrote a racism caricature poem titled ‘Telephone Conversation ‘

19. Nigeria had the highest number of educated racial groups in America according to the 2006 census.

20. The first elected mayor of Enugu was a northern Fulani man whose name was Malam Umaru Altine. This Fulani man was also elected into office for a second time.

21. Crispin Curtis Adeniyi Jones was a medical doctor from Sierra Leone and a co-founder of the political party- NNDP who won the legislative council seats in Lagos and represented Nigerians for about 15 years.

22. The Aguda people of Lagos today were formerly called Amaris been the repatriated Slaves in Brasil and Cuba.

23. During the era of colonization, the British used brutal terror against every form of strong opposition or non- cooperation.

24. As of the year 1911, the population of Nigeria was 16 million.


25. As at the year 1872, the population of Lagos State was about 60,000

26. Northern Nigeria occupies 80 % of Nigeria’s land mass

27. One of the major uprisings in Nigeria was the 1918 Adubi war in which 30,000 Abeokuta Egba warriors fought against the colonial government for its system of taxation and slave labor.

In this battle, a British was killed and some rail and telegraph lines were destroyed.
After this war, a kingmaker- Awape was arrested and imprisoned for his active role in the war.

28. Far back in the years, Northern Nigeria was the most educated region in Nigeria with about 250,000 Arabic schools according to Lord Luggard.

29. Well known Nigerian activist- Mrs. Funmilayo Ransome Kuti traveled to different countries including the USSR, Hungary, and China.

30. One of the Nigerian delegates that intervened in the matter of Nigeria’s independence is Mother of Fela- Mrs. Funmilayo Ransome Kuti.

31. In the year 1977, Nigeria got its first loan from the World Bank.

32. The Nigerian currency-Naira was notably weakened during the tenure of Obasanjo(his first regime) and Babaginda’s regime.

33. In the year 2013, Nigeria has declared the worst country due to poor projection on the welfare and prosperity of the people.

34. Usman Dan Fodio who is the author of several books on religion, society, governance, etc was trained in classical Islamic science and he was only able to declare Jihad after he became an Islamic leader in Gudu.

35. According to Kano history, there was a great warrior princess- Magajiya Maimuna who led the defeating of Kumbwada from Zaria.

36. In Nigeria, the Igbo people are seen as jews, especially after the attempt of Biafra Secession in the 60s.

Well known as a very industrious set of people, the Igbos in preparation for Biafra also created their own weapons and arms.

37. Chief Brimah is a Yoruba chief who is the only foreign chief who has a seat in the traditional council of Ghana.

38. Like claimed that he exited the NYM group because of the Yorubas who seemed to have taken control of the group in order to segregate the Igbos, himself inclusive.

39. In the year 1934, The Nigerian Youth Movement was established by Ernest Okoli, Obafemi Awolowo, JC. Vaughn and Sam Tsuiuel in order to ensure unity specifically between the Yoruba and the Igbo regions.

40. In the year 1945, Cameroon was an administrative arm of Nigeria and that is why there was (National Council Of Nigeria And The Cameroons), NCNC party.

41.  The 12th battalion of Biafra which conquered Benin in those days was led by Lt.Col Victor Adebukunola Banjo.

42. The African nations which had the highest number of coups which are 6 are Ethiopia, Mauritania, Sierra Leone, and Uganda.

43. In the past years, the nation Nigeria has had up to 7 years of Northern rule and more than 11 years of Southern rule under the Presidential system of government.

44. Going by the Parliamentary system of Government and Presidential system, in the past years, Nigeria has been under the Northern rule for 12 years while the Southern rule gas been for more than 11 years.

45. Following reports, Southwestern states like Osun, Oyo, Lagos, and Ogun have a greater population of Muslims than Christians.

46. Going by past research, States like Benue, Plateau, and Nassarawa have a high number of Christians.

47. Nigeria’s former president Yakubu Gowon is an indigene of Jos and he was a Christian.

48. Following statistics, the Nation of Nigeria has been ruled and led by Christians for a total of 30 years including Azikwe.

49. Despite the fact that he is one of the most outspoken enemies of the North, Mujahid Asari Dokubo who is the leader of the Southern Movement for Niger Delta’s Emancipation (MEND) is a Muslim.

50. The four regions which Nigeria had initially was further split into 12 states in the year 1967 by Gowon.


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