8 Best Areas and Places to live in Ottawa


You may have heard of Ottawa’s cultural diversity, but did you know there are also some great areas to live in? Some of Ottawa’s best neighborhoods are in the suburbs to the south.

Ottawa is a city with big diversity and the following neighborhoods epitomize this:

Ottawa is a city with a rich heritage and unique culture. It’s known for its natural beauty, its historic buildings, and its large number of ethnic communities. It also has one of the highest concentrations of people aged 65 years and over in Canada. The city has been recognized as a top location for live-work-play living, and one of the best cities to move to in Canada.

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It’s not the best city to live in (for many reasons), but people can find affordable housing. The average selling price of a home is $242,000, and the average rent is about $1,200 per month. I’m not sure if that means you’re getting a bargain or if it means your landlord is charging you for almost everything (house, heat and electricity).

If you are planning to move to Ottawa we would be highlighting some of the best places to live in Ottawa.

Best areas and places to live in Ottawa

The Glebe

The town of Glebe is a very interesting place to visit, visitapoints.com (a travel website) is very famous for posting historical information about Ottawa and other cities in Canada.

The Glebe is one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Ottawa, the town is a very beautiful place to live and also the city of Glebe has some very historic history and very important facts to learn from.

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Glebe is the first suburb of Ottawa. It was originally part of the Town of York, Upper Canada, named after Benjamin Franklin’s home, Montpelier. The town was officially incorporated in 1852 and named after the landowner William Glebe.

Sandy Hill

What sets Sandy Hill apart from the competition is its proximity to downtown Ottawa, with easy access to the ByWard Market shopping area and access to the Rideau Centre shopping mall.

The variety of eateries, bars, and shops that are found only a short walk away to give visitors an incentive to visit this lively little neighborhood.

This community is largely populated by the academic class, which makes many of their successes in the business part of their lineage.

These are the new condominiums that took place in 2016 on King’s Island, a historic park. The park was opened to the public in 1912 and has been home to some interesting things over the years including a Jethro Tull festival.

Alta Vista

Alta Vista is a nice neighborhood, but it isn’t quite so great when you compare it with other neighborhoods in the city. Even though their houses are pretty small, they have large backyards.


Those who stay in Alta Vista have a common responsibility they have a sense of community, they get to know each other, there is a sense of unity. The community has a lot of schools and places of worship such as churches, relaxation centers like parks, malls.


Westboro has changed dramatically over the past decade as a result of gentrification. With blocks and blocks of chic boutiques and fine restaurants and cafés, this revitalized neighborhood (a blend using older homes and new condos) is one of Ottawa’s most exciting neighborhoods.

Westboro is experiencing a boom with all these changes similar to the growing residential areas in Markham, featuring young people having fun in the outdoors, Ottawa River beach, the Kitchisippi Lookout near Ottawa.

New Edinburgh

It’s only eight kilometers from the city center and five minutes from Sainte-Catherine Street. There is a considerable variation in housing prices and living conditions among various parts of this neighborhood. This area of the city is a bustling and vibrant commercial powerhouse.

On exiting Beechwood Avenue and heading up High Street, you will see the Royal Oak Pub, The Black Dog Restaurant, and The Distillery Bar across from each other. It is also lined with many businesses such as clothing shops, antique shops, and clubs such as The Mad Hatter Village.

The grounds of Rideau Hall are enormous and definitely worth exploring. The ground has lots of different types of shows & activities for everyone to enjoy.


This neighborhood is located in the east-end of Kanata, about 15 kilometers away from downtown. It has many French speakers and businesses. The French-speaking community in this neighborhood is growing and thriving. In addition to its natural beauty, it offers a lot of cultural activities such as festivals, concerts, theatre performances, film screenings, and public events for people to enjoy during their stay or even off-peak hours

It is a challenging and unique place where people can come and have a taste of culture, food, festivals, and events. It is the only place where tourists from around the world can enjoy the unique experience of living in a different environment for a longer time.

Civic Hospital

The Civic Hospital is on the west end of Ottawa and it is also a farm settlement

The experimental farm is a research center for social sciences. Research is conducted on the social impact of housing, green spaces, community gardens, and more. This is an old neighborhood that was neglected for decades. We are working to create a cohesive neighborhood again.

Civic Hospital is a beautiful 4-square-km farm located in the south of Suriname. The farm was established in the late 1800s and today features the Arboretum, Ornamental Gardens, Tropical Greenhouse, Fletcher Wildlife Garden and butterfly meadow, as well as a petting zoo.

The “Greenbelt” is a farm-to-market road that connects Central Park with the Civic Campus of The Ottawa Hospital. This road is currently being upgraded to make it more bike-friendly. This will be the first phase of the project, which will also transform more than 1,200 acres of farmland into a greenway network.

New Ottawa South

Ottawa South is a trendy and up-and-coming neighborhood in Ottawa. It’s one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Ottawa with a population of over 35,000 people and is located directly across from Gatineau Park and along the Rideau River making it a highly desirable area for young professionals.

Here you have it some of the best areas to live in Ottawa, if you are planning to move to any of these areas then you can put any of the location listed above into considerations, also help share this write up with your social media network.


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