9 Ways to Improve Public Service in Nigeria


Public services are services provided by a government to people living within its jurisdiction, either directly through public sector agencies or by financing provision of services by private businesses or voluntary organizations

The following are ways we can use to improve the public service

Public services are an essential part of society and they are a public trust, so it’s vital to ensure that the service is up to date with the changing needs of the public. Here are ways that we can improve our local government in order to provide better service.

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Public service is continuously changing as the world is. Technology has enabled us to provide better services than ever before, but it’s still important to take a step back and look for ways that we can improve our Public service.

Encourage Citizen Participation in Governance

Encouraging citizen participation is important when it comes to governance. There should be a need in each and every one of us to contribute to the management and governance of our nation, which is Nigeria..

This nation has experienced many challenges in its recent history. These challenges have created the need for the population to be better engaged in the governance and management of our country. A lot of people must contribute to this effort so as to improve the situation in Nigeria. The government is not doing enough to involve others in managing Nigeria, hence there should be a need for all to participate and contribute.

Training and Retraining of Public Servants

Training public service employees on skills that are in demand so they can be part of the workforce and also go for refresher courses, There are a lot of changes in the workforce, and in order to stay competitive, it’s imperative that organizations upgrade their skillsets. This includes leadership skills, communication expertise, technical proficiency & much more.

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Clear Definition of Duties of Each Department, Ministry, and Agency

Clear definition of duties between ministry, department, and agencies in order for them to operate in the most efficient way, it is key to make sure you keep your staff and departmental responsibilities in mind. Without a clear separation of duties, it is likely that important tasks will not be accomplished at the speed they need to.

Separation of duties is a time-tested way for organizations to increase their productivity and efficiency. This program ensures that tasks are completed at the speed they need to. It provides clarity and responsibility in one singular, easily identifiable place.

So all departments, ministries, and agencies should have a clear chart of what each of their responsibility entails and this will help speed up deliverables on their jobs.

Reformation of the Code of Conduct Bureau

Reformation of the code of conduct bureau sometimes, we find that government officials is corrupt and that the codes of conduct aren’t being followed. Other times, they are abusive or exert too much control over their employees.

There was a need for reform in order to remove the corrupt public servants that have accumulated over time. They are taking up too much space and need to be kicked out to bring sanity back into the system.



Transparency has been around for a while and many organizations are now aware of its benefits. Openly sharing information with the public will greatly improve your government’s performance

Performance data can now be shared across various institutions, agencies, and departments. This will help to push the performance of these groups nationwide or even globally. By allowing unrestricted access to this data, public sector leaders can make sure they’re taking advantage of it to improve performance.

They won’t have any problems knowing what’s going on and how their employees are doing with achieving certain goals.


Accountability and transparency are related, but not quite the same thing. Transparency is about sharing and being open, whereas accountability is all about taking responsibility for your actions.

Creating systems of accountability can help improve government performance in the long term. These systems tend to create a sense of competence and ownership, which can boost employee morale and commitment.


Incentive systems for government workers, contractors, and employees can boost performance by incentivizing actions that align with the company’s goals.

They can also provide an incredible sense of freedom in terms of work time management and a better understanding of general business responsibilities.

Highly productive workers are more likely to remain highly productive, as they are rewarded for exceptional service. As such, giving incentives can lead employees to work harder and better.


Technology is an important aspect of the 21st century, and it will continue to grow and improve our lives for more efficient work-to-life efficiency.

Today’s tools reduce complexity in all aspects of government services making them easier to use. Improved public sector performance & reduced resource wastage is one of the goals of using AI writers because they can improve productivity dramatically.

Governments often work at the behest of the executive. In developing countries, they are more important than ever. It is vital for them to maintain good relationships with other countries for their citizens’ safety.

HR departments, healthcare providers, and others all have an important role in providing a suitable work environment for employees. The political leadership needs to collaborate with all stakeholders in order to ensure that obstacles can be overcome and that everyone feels safe and valued.

Capacity Building

Capacity-building should follow in the same vein as governance. Capacity building can be thought of as a process that strengthens an institution’s knowledge and skills to perform its job duties with excellence. It’s important to have a plan to improve government performance, which is often achieved by increasing capacity building.

To do so, the government should assess their goals and take steps to build capacity. This might mean hiring additional staff for example.

Here are different ways that can be deployed to improve the performance of public servants, Government needs to take all these outlined ways seriously if we want to see and experience a better public service from our public servants.


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