How to Make Abuja Electric AEDC (Prepaid Meter & Postpaid) payment Online


You to make payment for Abuja electric and online. The guide will cater for pre-paid metre users and postpaid account users.

it is super easy to make your AEDC payment online from the comfort of your office or bedroom, all you need is just an internet enable mobile phone or PC and good internet connection to connect to the web.

I will point you to some platform and online payment portal where you can make your payment easily.

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Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) is one of the 11 major electricity distribution companies in Nigeria. AEDC runs on a franchise model to be able to manage, distribute and sale of electric energy to households, industrial and corporates in the Federal Capital Territory, region, it also serves Niger State, Kogi State, and Nasarawa State regions.

Why pay AEDC electric payments online?

Jumia One is an online payment platform offering instant online payment round the clock for recharge cards on telcos, internet subscription, and renewals, Pay-TV subscriptions like GOTV, DStv, startimes.

You can do quite a lot more on Jumia one, you can as well make payment for your AEDC prepaid meter on the Android mobile app, or if yours is post account user, you can as well make your electricity bill payment all at no extra charges, they even give you some discount on payments.

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System is simple and efficient, much more it is super fast payment as your pament is remitted immediately and your power bill sorted on the spot.

For AEDC prepaid meter users, the steps to pay online is just in a few clicks, you don’t have to bore yourself up with visiting that far away agent’s office and to get there again and meet with long queue or no network issue, save yourself the stress and time and make your payment easily on these online platforms:


Mobile Apps to make payment for electricity

  • Jumia one mobile
  • Opay app
  • Qucikteller mobile app
  • VTpass mobile app
  • Irecharge mobile app
  • ielectricity mobile app
  • Evapp mobile app
  • Instant energy mobile app

How to make Jos Electricity Payments online

Websites to make electricity payments online in Nigeria

How to pay AEDC electric on mobile apps(Jumia one, Opay, others)

1. Open up your Android mobile and launch the play store app
2. Download Jumia one or Opay if you don’t already have it on your mobile
3. Open the app after downloading and locate the electricity menu
4. Select your contract type, whether you use a prepaid meter or postpaid
5. Select your Area which Abuja or AEDC logo
6. Next is to key in your prepaid meter number or prepaid account number as the case may be
7. Key in the power unit amount you wish to buy or pay for.
8. Put in your debit/credit card details to make payment, you can as well use your bank account internet banking platform.
9. You will receive a confirmation SMS and email about your payment successful.
10. Make a copy of your payment receipt for verification purposes.

How to Recharge BEDC Prepaid Meter Online

How to pay AEDC electricity online

1. Visit any of the websites above, we recommend, Buypower, VTpass, irecharge, instantenergy

2. You will be shown a form that requires you to select your contract, put in your meter number or account number if you’re a prepaid customer
3. Enter the amount you wish to credit/pay
4.Input your Email and phone number to receive confirmation and token.
5. Review the details and be sure You’ve entered them appropriately
6. Make payment with your credit or debit card.


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