Air Peace Online Flight Booking Guide


For all air travellers, this is a detailed guide on how to book your flight ticket online from the comfort of your office or home without even visiting the airline office to make a booking.

In this guide, we will be looking at how to book online flight ticket of one of our major airline known as Air Peace.

Air peace happens to be one of the major airliners in this country Nigeria that operates flight schedule both locally and internationally, the airline has a huge customer base that makes use of their flights to travel around the country and outside the country.

Due to the large customer base that the airline boost of it is imperative for both existing customers and new customers to know how to book for their flight tickets online without stepping into any of their offices to make their bookings.

According to statistics the airline boost of over 4 million passengers yearly that catch their flight via air peace, so this is the best guide you could ever come across as regarding online ticket booking.

How to Book for Your Online Flight Ticket Flying Via Air Peace

Now let’s go through a detailed step by step guide on how to book for your flight ticket online using air peace as a case study.


Please make sure you have your credit card handy with you because along the line you will be required to provide your card details to make payment.

  1. Step 1 head over to the official website of the airline company at
  2. Step 2 once you are on the site locate flight trip schedule, you will see two options one way and return, choose the one you prefer.
  3. Step 3 once you have chosen your flight trip, then choose your arrival and departure date
  4. Once you have chosen your arrival and departure date, then choose arrival and departure cities.
  5. Step 5 once you are done choosing the above, you then click search and book.
  6. Step 6 once you click search and book it will bring you to where you choose your choice flight time and fare you desire to go for.
  7. Step 7 you then click continue after you have chosen your flight time
  8. Step 8 you need to fill the manifest where you fill the passenger details, you will see some mandatory column which you must fill
  9. Step 9 click continue and choose your payment options, at this stage you bring out your credit card to make payment.
  10. Step 10 it will prompt you to make payment by providing your card detail, make sure you provide the correct details.
  11. Step 11 once you input your card details correctly you click on the submit button, you will receive a successful message immediately in your mail, the mail will also come with E-Ticketing sent to your mail.

All you need to do is print out the E-Ticket sent to your mail and take it along with you on your travel date, with that you will be allowed to board the flight to your destination.

Contact Details

For any further information you can connect with their customer service representative on the following medium;

Telephone- 0700-35924-773223


I hope you have been able to find this guide very informative? For any enquiry kindly leave your comment below.


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