Airtel Binge Plans Code: 1GB-₦350, 2GB- ₦500 daily & 6GB-₦1500 weekly


Airtel Africa is a topmost telecommunication and mobile money service provider with a presence in 14 African countries, primarily in East Africa and Central and West Africa.

Airtel Africa provides its subscribers with an integrated suite of telecommunications solutions, including mobile voice and data services, as well as national and international mobile money services.

The Group’s objective is to continue to provide a simple and intuitive customer experience through streamlined customer travel.

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Despite its inexpensive data plans in Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria is Airtel Africa’s most profitable network. Airtel Networks Limited (Airtel Nigeria) is Nigeria’s leading wireless telecom company.

According to figures released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) on 30 August 2019, Airtel Nigeria has a market share of 26.8 percent and 46.8 million subscribers in the wireless telecommunications industry.

The company is a part of Airtel in Africa, the holding company for the operations of Bharti Airtel in 14 African countries of the world.

Airtel Binge Data Plan 2020:

Airtel Nigeria has just rolled out new daily data plans to its data plan bundle list.

Their 4G/3G network, in particular, had proven this argument without hesitation. Like one, the 4G Airtel network facility can literally upload gigabyte items to the cloud in a few minutes.

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To this end, Airtel has just launched on the internet a new data bundle plan called the Binge Data for its users.


Airtel Binge Internet Data Plan:

The Airtel Binge Data Bundles is a regular bundle. It means it expires in 24 hours. Whether the data have been completely used or not. When one exhausts it data even before the 24 hours mark, one can still resubscribe.

The packs of Airtel Binge Internet Data come in two.

  1. ₦500 Naira – 2GB Airtel Binge bundle
  2. ₦350 Naira-  1 GB Airtel Binge package
  3. ₦1500 Naira- 6GB Airtel Binge Plan (valid for 1 week)

Both these software packages are going to be really good for downloading files or doing something urgent on the internet like some fragments of video streaming or video conference presentation for work, interviews and other purposes.

Netflix film streamers and popular series download websites such as, o2TVseries, Tfpdl and Pahe. Can draw Nigerian users who opt for the Airtel Binge Plan as well.  This plan is generally good for when you want to do some Adrenaline stuff on the internet or download due to the 24-hour limit.

There is no limit on the Airtel Internet Binge Data Plan. Phone, laptop, desktop, Android, iOS, etc. Works just like these other common Airtel bundles on any phone that accepts SIM and can browser over the internet: Airtel Smartrybe, Airtel PC bundles, Airtel 750 MB Airtel 1.5 GB bundles.

How to Subscribe to Airtel Binge Internet Data Bundles:

  1. Go to your mobile phone menu to dial* 141 # to access the Airtel Data Bundles menu and Send
  2. Choose the number that matches Buy a Binge Plan and hit Send
  3. either 2 GB for N500 or 1 GB for N350 or N1500 for 6GB,  by entering and sending the corresponding code.

To verify and return Voila all done, click on the confirmation.  After these packages may have been consumed before 24 hours, you can subscribe again for more airtime and resubscribe again for the packages.  Say you’d like to download a 5 GB game or Films, for example.

You can budget 1350 Naira for that plight, which I think is okay for me, depending on how excited you really want the movie or game or something else that suits your taste.

Hope these steps are useful to you in subscribing to Airtel Binge Plan, drop your comments below.


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