List of Big Brother Naija Winners from 2006 Season 1 till 2021


As far as the BBNaija reality TV show is concerned, a winner must emerge in each competition. Since 2006 that the BBnaija show has been up, we have collected a list of all of the Winners of the show from the Season 1 of the show till present,

As we all know, the BBNaija always comes every season with a different theme for the show, the last season, BBnaija 2019 was ‘Pepper dem’ and you can say it is indeed pepper dem.

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All Big Brother Naija Winners (2006, 2017-2019)

Year Slogan Location Winner
2006 Nigeria Katung Aduwak
2017 See Gobbe South Africa Efe Ejeba
2018 Double Wahala South Africa Miracle Igbokwe
2019 Pepper Dem Nigeria Mercy Eke

Big Brother Naija Winners from Season 1

The Big Brother Naija reality TV show a franchise television competition broadcasted live in Nigeria, the competition usually contains from 12 to 21 contesting individuals who are put in a safe and secure house for months as they compete for the million Naira cash price.

More than just prize to win,contestants have lots of other opportunities to cart away prizes from different endorsement companies, this is made possible in different games competition that contestant wins in the house during the TV show.

Some contestants have won a few million even when they have not won the cash prize, contestants can also win material products like cars, mobile and much importantly they have the platform to showcase themselves which can end up getting them sweet endorsement deals and contracts with brands both locally and internationally.

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Katung Aduwak

Katung Aduwak happens to be the very first to have a good feeling of what it means to be the BBNaija show winner in 2006. That year’s edition of the show was anchored by Olisa Adibua and Michelle Dede.

Katung Aduwak has had the opportunity to expand his filmmaking and production tentacles, and he is at the moment working on music videos and TV series and other projects that matters in the entertainment frontal. He has directed some of the best movie projects in the industry, especially with Africa Magic where he has actively directed quite a number of TV series and shows.

Efe Ejeba

In 2017, The Wari guy “Efe” spiced up the house with lots of unique Warri lingos and he eventually carted away the grand prize at that years’s edition of the show” See Gobbe“.

Efe is much of an entertainment individual and an artist who has a knack for music and showbiz entertainment, he quickly rose to prominence following the BBNAIJA show in 2017.

He represented well the streets and life of the Warri people even though he lived in Jos and he was showered a lot of love for that.

HE never stopped aspiring even after the show, he forged ahead to pursue his music career and has since had some associated acts with top music artists in the industry such as Olamide, BOJ, and Iceprince.

Miracle Igbokwe

Next is Miracle, who won the Double Wahala edition of the BBNaija reality TV show season 3 in 2018 which was staged in South Africa.

The show was indeed full of many hiccups from the very first day of the house emerging, Miracle has exemplified himself as an aspiring commercial pilot who has the passion to return to studies so he can be able to accomplish his life goals, that paid off well for him and he got the love from Nigerians who showered a lot of love and support for him to eventually win the King’s prize in the show.

Mercy Eke

Here comes the Pepper Dem version, The 2019 BBNaija Reality TV show was said to be the most interesting and fun-filled, all the contestants are intelligent and brilliant, noticeable is the Tacha VS Mercy Eke controversy which sparks a bubble in the house and quickly become a thing of public interest.

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Tacha who was enraged got in a fight with the wrong person and she ended being eliminated from the show, which gave a better opportunity for Mercy-who usually calls herself queen of highlight to win the show.

Mercy Eke eventually won and was named the first female to win the Big Brother Nigeria reality competition TV show in 2019, carting prizes cash and material prizes worth N60 Million.

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Nigerians can wait to see the 2020 Version of the BBnaija Reality TV show but are the moment these are the past winners of the BBNiaja TV show from 2006 till 2019.


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