Cool things to try on Android 10


For the first time, the latest version of Android is not named Dessert. Google took the page from Microsoft and went with Android 10.

If you need help downloading in Android 10 or figuring out when your Android device will receive operating system updates, we’ll help you.

But if you have Android 10 and still figure out what you can do with it, here are some tips that should help you get the most out of your phone.

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Dark Mode Control Systems

Android 10 introduces a user interface-wide dark mode that adds a dark theme to the phone’s menu and several built-in apps. To turn it on, go to the Settings of the Dark Theme Display.

One day, you’ll notice that apps such as photos, files, contacts, and watches have a black background, like making apps like Chrome, Gmail, and Google Assistant, with others in the works.

Once the dark mode has been turned on, you can add quick tile settings to the drop-down menu, which makes it easy to switch dark on and off mode.

Just pull down from the top of the screen and click on the pencil icon in the bottom left corner. Then drag the dark theme icon to the menu.

The dark mode is also now linked to Saver’s phone battery mode to help stretch your device’s lifespan for a few extra minutes.

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If you prefer not to have a dark theme at all times, go to The Settings of the Battery’s ‘gt; Save the Charge and click the Turn on now button to add a dark mode.

Gesture Management Set

While the gesture controls were introduced before the release of Android 10, the feature was redesigned and rescheduled. Control the phone gestures. Through Settings, gestures and select gestures to be on or off.

Basic gestures include simply summing up your phone or double-tapping to check the screen. You can also swipe at the sensor on the back of the phone to check notifications or shake the device to open the camera.

By default, Android 10 eliminates traditional navigation buttons, opting for a more gesture-oriented method, as Apple introduced with the iPhone X: swipe from the bottom go home, swipe up and hold, then release to Browse the app switch and come back, swiping left or right.


Since some apps have a left and right finger, it could stand in the way of a new gesture. Control the sensitivity of the gesture “back” by clicking on the gear next to the navigation gestures.

Share Wi-Fi Easily

Android 10 makes it easy to connect to the Wi-Fi network and hand out Wi-Fi passwords. To give someone your password, head to the Wi-Fi menu and click on the gear next to the network.

Click Share and the phone provide a zR code that can be scanned on another phone. The password will also appear on the page as plain text.

Smart answer and proposed actions

Android 10 is expanding from Google’s Smart Response feature to cover any messaging app on your phone. Now Facebook Messenger, Signal, WhatsApp, and a host of other services can offer quick answers and predict what you’re trying to say.

The proposed measures, meanwhile, will offer appropriate applications depending on your current activities.

This means that you will receive an invitation to open Google Maps if someone sends you an address or contacts if it is a phone number.

Focus on your phone

With Android 10, Google is adding new features to the Health app, which aims to help you keep track of your screen.

That includes a focus mode that lets you block distracting apps when you need to focus. It recently came out of beta on Android 10 (and works on some Android 9.0 pie devices, too).

Pause apps by going to The Digital Wellbeing Settings and Parental Control mode, select the programs you want and click Turn on now.

Parents can stay in control

Google’s family app, a link that allows parents to dynamically adjust their children’s access to their Android device, will debut in 2017.

But with Android 10, it’s available in the device settings menu in the Digital Wellbeing and Parental Control section.

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