How To Apply For RenMoney Loan in 2022


If you are in need of cash urgently, RenMoney loan is a sure solution to your challenge. It’s quite easy and accessible but there are a variety of criteria that you must meet before you can apply.

These criteria are not as difficult as you may think but they should be well understood.
Below are all the important details you need to know

Requirements For RenMoney Loan Application

In the first place, you must confirm that you are qualified for their loans. Why are these conditions necessary? The company needs to make sure they lend cash to the right people in order to fulfill all conditions in Nigerian law and to protect their own funds.

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  • As a borrower, you must be between the ages of 22 and 55.
  • You must be doing a well-paid job at the moment of your application and your payment must be regular.
  • You must be a resident of Lagos State, working also in Lagos State.
    Other Eligibility Criteria

As stated earlier, you must have all it takes to fulfill some eligibility criteria and some other requirements. Those requirements are:

You must have a bank account registered with any active commercial bank in the country.

As soon as you are asked to, you must tender evidence or proof of your monthly payments.

Also, you must be able to tender the document or information of the previous loans you have gotten from Loan offering companies

Ensure that all the information and documents you will be providing is free of negative entries and should be clean.

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As soon as the request is made, you must provide your bank account statement.

Make ready a recent photo of yourself, it’s should be in coloured passport photograph.

You will also be expected to tender a statement from the bank where your salary account is registered, this statement must cover the duration of 6 months’ salary and it must have a bank stamp.

You must have in hand a staff identification card from your present place of work.


You must provide the identification number of your tax or pension account.

Another important procedure is that the HR of the company where you presently work must compose and give a letter of the confirmation of your employment in that firm. This letter should also contain details like your salary range and other relevant things.

As soon as you are asked you must be able to tender your current utility bills which should be proof that you owe no debt in this area.

The most important thing is that you must be able to tender a valid document that will carry your identity.

Thanks to modern-day technology, you can apply for RenMoney Loan from your home, just log on to their official website but ensure you have all the necessary documents, be really ready to answer all questions that will come your way and be ready to follow all procedure that will be laid before you.

As soon as RenMoney officials confirm all your documents, you will receive an email from them, containing all the necessary information about your RenMoney loan.

The important factor that determines how fast they respond to your loan request is the accuracy of the documents you submit.

Also, you will get a text message that will confirm to you that your loan request has been processed, approved, and sent to your bank account.

Usually, only one is allowed by RenMoney per time which means you can only apply for one loan. If it comes to their knowledge that you have applied for another loan elsewhere, the loan process will be disallowed, so if you want or need more loans, it is advisable that you pay the current one you have borrowed before applying for another one.

Although, there are times when one can be allowed to apply for another loan in RenMoney while still paying back the current loan. The term used for this process is called a top-up loan.

However, this top-up loan can only be given when you have successfully paid back one-third of the last loan you applied for, but note that the top-up loan will be summed up with the last loan you are yet to pay off.

The process seems to be breathtaking right, with the goal in mind, you should be able to pull through.

In case you have other questions relating to this topic or you are a bit unclear about some points like their loan categories, interest rates, and other things, you can reach the official representatives of RenMoney resident in Lagos.

Kindly visit the official website of RenMoney, you will find the addresses of their affiliates as well as emails, phone numbers and other ways to reach them.


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