How to Apply for France Visa in Nigeria


The need to apply for a tourist visa to France while visiting a family member or friend in France is not to be brushed aside.

The process to apply for a visa in Nigeria is easy and fast. Follow these measures and send the recommended paperwork if you meet these criteria, your chances of obtaining a visa are high. You can then buy a ticket for the flight and fly to France.

So if you’d be applying for a visa to France in Nigeria soon, you can get a Schengen travel cover, a flight reservation and ask your host to submit a letter of invitation. Read on to learn more about the things you have to apply for a visa for tourists to France in Nigeria.

Types of France Visitor Visas

The below listed are the kinds of visitors visa to France:

Business visitor visa

You may apply for a visa for France Business tourists to attend a business meeting, test goods or attend a conference before shipping them.

You must obtain an invitation letter from a conference organizer or a corporation in France as part of the qualifications. That gives credibility to your travel intent and visa application.

Tourist visitor visa

The tourist visa allows you to enter France to enjoy your vacation or leave for work. It’s solely for tourism and a letter of invitation is not needed for the application process.

Nevertheless, to show you plans for accommodation in France you must request a hotel booking. And you can present a tour voucher for the purposes of applying for a visa. Nevertheless, tour guide payment does not guarantee visa acceptance and is not compulsory to apply for a visa.

– Airport transit visa

When traveling with AirFrance you might need an airport transit visa and you will experience a long layover in Paris. This is particularly valid if you do not hold a visa from the US, UK, Canada or Schengen.

France Visitor Visa Requirements in Nigeria

When requesting for a visa to visit France in Nigeria there are other conditions or supporting documentation you need. The Paperwork needed are Below:

International passport

An foreign passport with a validity of at least three consecutive blank pages for six months

Passport photograph

Passport photo of 35mmx45 mm on white background. Two copies of these are needed.

Visa application form

Submitting the visa application form is important. It is an online form and you will fill in and print it out.

Receipt of Application Submission

You must download the form and the receipt / checklist produced after closing with the online visa application form. This form holds your visa fee (Euros 60) and the checklist of documents.

Invitation letter

It is a travel / business visa mandatory. In France the host, conference manager or organization must supply you with the letter of invitation.

Schengen insurance certificate

The insurance certificate will demonstrate that the policy will pay for 30.000 Euros for mishaps / emergencies. The insurance policy is not expensive and must come from an accredited insurance provider.

Hotel reservation

If you do not have a host who can accommodate you, booking a hotel is important. Even if your visit is for business, the hotel booking information is still to be provided.

Flight reservation

Your flight booking will show your date of entry and departure from France. This paper should also be displayed by the airline, PNR and city of arrival. Please note that you can under no circumstances purchase a real ticket when applying for a visa to visit France in Nigeria.

Introduction letter from employer

The employer will write that you are working for the company and have the permission to visit during the travel time you expect.

Marriage certificate

Evidence of social relations must also be sent to Nigeria, part of which would be marriage certificate.

Birth certificate

Your child’s birth certificate adds to your relations with Nigeria, too. Visa approval is mandatory.

Cover letter

While applying for a tourist visa to France in Nigeria, you will not be attending any interview. For this reason you need to send a cover letter detailing your plans to travel and status in Nigeria in detail.

Bank statement

The French embassy is asking for a three-month bank statement to see whether you can fund your travels and have justification for returning to Nigeria.

Other documents

Other documentation includes: property papers, investment certificates, incorporation certificates (if you own your company), retirement proof (if retired) and so forth.

How to Apply for France Visitor Visas in Nigeria

1- Gather documents

Gather all of the above listed supporting documents. Book your hotel and get your host details; you need this information when filling out the application form online. Then, gather additional supporting documentation

2- Fill online form

Create an account online, and fill out the application form. Then print out the filled form and the document checklist and open it.

3- Submit application

France Embassy Requires a third-party service to gather documentation related to a visa application. The Visa Application Centre, operated by VFS Global Limited. So please visit VFS to file your submission.

4- Collect your passport

The moment your passport is ready for delivery, VFS will send out a notification. You may also track your application from the moment your application is submitted.

How to Apply for France Visitor Visa

The visa processing time for France visa application in Nigeria is ten to 15 workdays. Sometimes, it takes one month. But it is three weeks on the average.

France visa fee in Nigeria

The fee for visa to France is NGN 35,306. For Nigerian nationals, you can also use the visa fee calculator for the various categories of France visa.

France visa requirement

For Nigerian citizens and non-Nigerian nationals, France visa requirements include the international passport, Schengen travel insurance, hotel reservation, flight reservation and three-month bank statement. Scroll up to learn more about French Visa application requirements in Nigeria.

When applying for a visitor’s visa to France in Nigeria, try to apply at least four weeks before your date of travel. You should also not apply if your travel time is longer than 10 weeks away.


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