How to Apply for UBA Africard 2021


If you use online transactions regularly, you get to find out that having one type of card for online payments don’t always cut it. Most times, it’s either the product or service you’re paying for doesn’t support that type of card as a payment option, or the country where the product/service is being sold doesn’t support that type of card at all. This however, is just two of the numerous reasons an online payment user may need to own different kinds of cards, but that’s not what we’re discussing here.

As usual on this platform, we don’t waste time analysing a known problem, instead we to provide solutions to it. That brings us to the contents of this article; I’ll be guiding us on how to get a remarkable kind of card called UBA AFRICARD. The UBA Africard has been around for a while now, but for some reason, I find it‘s not widely used by Nigerians who make use of online payments/transactions regularly. Before we get to the main guide, let’s get to know the UBA Africard, and some benefits, and features that comes with it.

What is UBA Africard?

The UBA Africard is simply a prepaid VISA card. The key difference between the Africard, and your regular VISA card is the fact that Africard is prepaid, and it isn’t directly connected to a bank account.

Features of UBA Africard (Prepaid VISA Card)

  • Worldwide recognition, and acceptance – your Africard can be used to withdraw funds in any ATM/POS around the world. This also doubles for quick access to currency.
  • Independent of bank accounts – the UBA Africard is a stand-alone VISA card, as such all transactions with the card is not tied to your bank account.
  • Ability to be linked with other payment methods like PayPal.
  • Retrievable finds – card not being tied to a bank account doesn’t matter, if card is lost or stolen, funds in it is still recoverable (provided they haven’t been withdrawn).

Benefits of Owning a UBA Africard (Prepaid VISA Card)

  • Customer privacy – the card is managed exclusively by the customer. It isn’t tied to any bank account, as such it isn’t monitored alongside your regular funds in your bank account.
  • Worldwide support – aside withdrawals, the Africard is supported by over 30 million online retailers around the world, and that includes the likes of Amazon, Ali Express, Ali Baba, and eBay.
  • VISA Verification and security – the Africard being a VISA card, transactions done with africard is protected by VISA Secure.

Now we know some of the perks of owning an africard, I think it’s best we get to the requirements for applying for one, and steps to take before you can actually own one.


Requirements for applying for a UBA Africard in Nigeria

Of course the requirement isn’t all complex, if you have been using a bank before you should already have most of these in hand:

  • A recent coloured photograph
  • Utility bill that’s not older than 3 months (e.g. electricity bill, or waste bill)
  • A valid means of identification, which can be any of the following; international passport, national ID card, voter’s card, and driving license.
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Some cash to fund it for activation (though it can be funded later)

How Get Your UBA Africard/Prepaid Card 

Applying for and collecting of UBA Africard is very simple. Depending on the type of card you desire, you don’t have to spend up to a day to get it all done – the process isn’t long at all, only customers that intend on getting the personalized card will have to wait for three more working days after filling the application form.

The UBA VISA prepaid card (Africard) can only be collected in person for now. After securing the requirements listed above, walk to the customer service desk in the bank, and request for a “UBA Africard”. Some friends have shared their experience of how the customer care representative wasn’t familiar with the name “Africard”, in case you’re faced with this challenge in the branch you visited, explain to the attendant that you need “UBA’s Prepaid VISA Card”. When that’s done, you’ll be given a form, fill it out, and submit to the customer care representative attending to you. Processing of your card will commence immediately, and you should have your Africard in hand within 30 minutes.

Now you have your card, let’s look at how to activate it.

How to Activate UBA Africard/Prepaid VISA Card

The UBA Africard must be activated on two platforms; ATM, and Web. Unlike regular bank cards where the Web activation is automatically done when cared is issued, you have to do this manually yourself. Don’t worry we’ll go through it step by step:

  • Activating UBA Africard for ATM services

Luckily, there’s not much complications here. It’s more or less like changing the password of a normal card. In the top right corner of the sheet of paper given with your card, there lies the default PINs of your card. The ATM default pin of your Africard is on top, while the one below is for Web activation. Slot in the card into any UBA ATM, enter the default PIN to proceed, then change the PIN it to activate the card for ATM services.

  • Activating UBA Africard for Web Services

Activating the prepaid VISA Card for web services is also straight forward. Visit the UBA prepaid card website on, on mobile, click on “ACTIVATE CARD”, you’ll be moved to a section where you’ll enter the first six digits of your new card to proceed, for PC, just look for the window, and it’s embedded in the homepage. After entering the six digits, you’ll be required to use the default PIN to login. Once logged in, move to change the PIN to activate the card for web transactions.



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