How to Apply For Vehicle Plate Number in Nigeria Easily


For all car owners, new car owners and prospective car owners this a guide that will walk you through on how you can easily apply and get your vehicle identification plate number easily.

Many vehicle owners have been faced with the challenge of getting their vehicle license plate number and most times they have to contract it to a third party to help them do it, and these third parties charge them heavily to get it done for them.

But with these guidelines, you will find out how to apply for your vehicle number plate easily in Nigeria.

Vehicle number plate has become a must-have for all vehicle owners in Nigeria, The government have mandated the federal road safety agency of Nigeria to issue vehicle plate numbers to vehicle owners in this country.

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The vehicle plate number is important for easy identification of vehicle and help in case of theft of the vehicle, it is a means of securing one’s vehicle in case of theft.


The vehicle plate number is important because it can easily show the area or state where the vehicle is registered to because the number captures the state and local government area where the vehicle is registered to, this help for easy identification.

Process of Applying For Your Vehicle Plate Number Easily in Nigeria  

  1. Step 1 kindly visit the official website to start your registration to get your vehicle plate number
  2. Step 2 once you are on the official site provide all necessary information as required by them to start your application process
  3. Step 3 After you have completed and fill the information correctly, go ahead and print the completed form out
  4. Step 4 After you have printed the completed form out attach another relevant document as indicated on the site to the completed form
  5. Step 5 after you have all the necessary documentation with you, proceed to the bank and pay the required legal fee to the designated bank and attach the teller to other printed out forms
  6. Step 6 once you have all the necessary form with you take along with you and submit at the office of the state board of internal revenue.
  7. Step 7 after you have submitted to the board of internal revenue make sure you keep the receipt and acknowledge copy of your tellers
  8. Step 8 The next step is to take your vehicle to the vehicle inspection office (VIO) for vehicle confirmation, once the vehicle is successfully inspected by the VIO a certificate of roadworthiness is issued to the vehicle owner.
  9. Step 9 After the VIO have successfully done their inspection, the next stage is a visit to FRSC office where they will check documents such as driver’s license, means of identification, insurance policy, proof of address and other documents prescribed by law for them to check.
  10. Step 10 once a check has been done by the FRSC they will now issue a notice to the board of internal revenue to issue the plate number.

After all these processes you can now go back to the internal revenue board to pick up your vehicle’s plate number.

With these steps, you should find it easy to process and get your vehicle plate number easily in Nigeria.

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I hope you find these guide useful if you have any enquiry kindly comment in the comment section below.


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