Azuka Jebose does not Believe in Justice, He is a Fraud


Azuka Jebose is one young man that has been on the social media in a futile attempt to damage people’s reputation through blackmail. He claimed to be an advocate for justice where he uses the crisis in Idumuje Ugboko as a platform for his trade.

All known advocate for Justice always stand for what is right, just and humane, Azuka Jebose only stand for his stomach. In fact Azuka’s advocacy stems from his inability to use legitimate means to enhance his livelihood, he therefore resorted to evil just to make ends meet.

The concern that Azuka Jebose has been showing on the Idumuje Ugboko crisis is not genuine neither is it borne out of love for Idumuje Ugboko people but for his selfish desire. He has become a major hindrance to the peace that people yearn for in that community.

He lives in the United States of America, totally unmindful of the damage his inciting posts are causing and what people are passing through due to those incitements. A reasonable man should know that what Idumuje Ugboko people need now is a calm atmosphere to enable them sort themselves out, but one paid demonic agent is busy in a safer clime aggravating the crisis because he has nothing to loose. After all, he does not live in Nigeria, Idumuje Ugboko is not his home, if they like let them kill themselves provided one Gabriel Ogbechie has paid.

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One thing that is painfully disgusting in this matter is why a son of the soil that is looked up to for a peaceful development of the community should be the one footing Azuka Jebose’s bills to heat up a community that has become avoidably volatile.


Until recently, it was like guess work that Azuka had sponsors, now the reality has dawned on everyone that truly he is sponsored by Gabriel Ogbechie. No wonder the recent arrests, interrogations and detentions due to mind-blowing evidences against him, including how he engaged Azuka Jebose, details of their phone conversation and how money exchanged hands.

The real enemies of the community has been exposed, authorities are gradually and tacitly carrying out their investigations lawfully. Azuka Jebose has been deploying emotional blackmail against the Nigerian police and the judiciary but they are not deterred. They have vowed to see the matter to the end, whoever is found guilty should face the law.

The self acclaimed advocate failed to realise that Justice is not sought on the social media but through the law. If Azuka has evidences as he has been claiming through his numerous boring posts on the social media, he should approach the court. He should stop playing to the gallery and face the matter squarely if he truly care about the people he claimed to know about their killing and his allegations against the police. These are not issues that social media can prove, let him go to the court.

I have just seen through Azuka for the first time an advocate for social justice that uses money to buy evidence in the case of his engagement with Asia Eze just to damage Ned Nwoko’s name. Is that not enough to know that Azuka is a dangerous threat to peace in Idumuje Ugboko? Are Idumuje Ugboko people not aware of Ned’s commitment to peace until Gabriel Ogbechie started using Azuka to make false and damaging posts against him?

By and large, the good people of Idumuje Ugboko should know by now those that are feasting from the crisis and why there is no end in sight to it. However, as a people, they should take responsibility and pay less attention to sensational reports against their own, go inside and resolve their issue amicably.

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The proposed STAR UNIVERSITY where the crisis found it’s root should be a joy to the community. A man with such vision should be supported and encouraged by his people especially after he has made series of concession to the community. What Idumuje Ugboko need now is peace where they can see themselves as brothers and sisters with a common purpose of taking the community to another level. Azuka Jebose should not be clog in the wheel of your progress.


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