The 10 Best Action Movies of 2021


This year has been a pretty damn good one for action films, although not all the best examples have come from the big screen.

One interesting note on this list is that the concept of ‘ action film ‘ is far from being decided. Most films have action scenes in them but it’s not like every action film is an action film.

I’ve gone out of my way to adhere to movies where the action is much more than just there, but where the action scenes themselves are primarily meant to be “the point,” but that’s also a moving target, of course.

As such, this list won’t include your favorite comic book movie or space combat movie.
While many of them do have great action, they’re not really the same as “action films.” Looking at this list, you’ll see what I mean.

10. Angel Has Fallen

The Has Fallen series seems like it gets a little rough around the edges. Far from it that anyone expected us to get a second, let alone a third, of these. And yet, here we are again with Angel Has Fallen in 2019.

The film brings back Gerard Butler as the Secret Service agent who is fortunate enough for John McClane to ever be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Every time he’s accused of trying to kill the president of the United States, and he is on the run himself rather than going after the bad guy.

9. Cold Pursuit

Since he brought his “particular set of skills” to the big screen in Taken, Liam Neeson has launched a new career for himself and many other older actors, as the action movie’s elder statesmen.

Cold Pursuit sees Neeson as a gentleman who, when his son dies under questionable circumstances, is pushed to the brink. He is determined to punish those responsible and takes the war to them himself.

8. Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier is one of the well-recieved action movies we’ve seen in 2019 that no one has ever had the opportunity to enjoy outside of small appearances on the big screen.

It was a film that was released worldwide on Netflix but it’s worth checking out even on the smaller screen.

It has an incredible cast which includes Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, and Pedro Pascal, and while the movie may not break any new ground, it delivers in everything it attempts to do, including putting forward some solid action scenes.

7. 6 Underground

If Michael Bay has a new film out, like Roland Emmerich, then it is something you need to see, and one shouldn’t let the fact that all of the action occurs on a small screen distract from that reality.

The newest movie on both the list, 6 Underground, has just been released this month on Netflix, and it stars Ryan Reynolds as a billionaire trying to make this world a better place by bringing an elite military squad and murdering a whole host of (very bad) dudes.

6. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

When the day comes once a Fast & Furious movie comes out and doesn’t make such a list, something went awfully wrong.
While the first series spinoff, Hobbs and Shaw, is a substantially different film from the iterations of the main series, it still offers top-notch action and has the unparalleled action director David Leitch to make sure the action works.

5. Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

And then, often, in the form of giant monsters, you need your action to beat the crap out of one another. 2014’s Godzilla has been a well-received movie in general, but if the film had any flaws, it’s because the giant monster action was a bit weak.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters obviously understood this critique so there is no problem here with a lack of action. We’ve got a couple of new Titans in the sequel in addition to Godzilla, and they get to kick the shit out of each other.

4. Terminator: Dark Fate

How did 2019 become the year that we got a good Godzilla film and a good Terminator film, and no one did care about either?

Even though, to be fair, in the past, the Terminator series didn’t have several bits at that apple and literally failed each time.

3. Alita: Battle Angel 

O, somehow, the list has unexpectedly become truly depressing. Alita: Battle Angel wasn’t a sequel anyone cared about, but it was James Cameron’s long gesturing dream project that eventually became a real phenomenon thanks to Robert Rodriguez … The people didn’t see enough, either.

2. 1917

No disrespect to Roland Emmerich’s Midway, but if you watch this year’s war movie, 1917 is the one you wouldn’t miss out on.

Director Sam Mendes ‘ forthcoming WWI Adventure is full to the brim with action. It’s also filmed in one long take, making the grueling scenes of action even more amazing.

1. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Was ……. Was there even a chance it was something else? If a John Wick movie actually comes out and it doesn’t make it to the top of the list, it’s either a really good sign for action movies or a bad record for John Wick.

Keanu Reeves collaborated with John Wick for a third film of the killer franchise: Chapter 3-Parabellum, and he hasn’t failed to live up to expectations.

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