Best Baby Soaps and Lotions in Nigeria


When choosing soap or body wash for a newborn, one of the very important factors one needs to bear in mind is the softness, tenderness, and thorough cleansing power of the soap because using a soap or body wash that does not have these qualities may be quite harmful to the skin of a newborn.

  • List of Best Baby Soaps in Nigeria

Using a soap or body wash that does not have these qualities may be quite harmful to the skin of a newborn. Here are some of the best moisturizing baby soaps in Nigeria.

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1. Chicco Baby Moments Soap

This is a well-known brand that has been in existence for a while. Chicco has varieties of skincare products for infants.
This baby moment soap is a very mild and gentle soap that is perfect for infants’ tender skin.

2. Johnson’s Baby Soap

This is another reputable brand that produces one of the best baby soaps in Nigeria. This brand has a series of baby soaps meant for different kinds of skin.
One of these products is the lotion enriched infant soap particularly made to give an extra moisturizing feel.

3. Sebamed Baby Soap

This is a unique brand in the infant soap making category in Nigeria, this brand went the extra mile to produce a baby soap that doesn’t contain soap at all. This soap is made in such a way that it does not cause any form of dry patches, itchiness, and irritation.

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4. Oilatum Soap Bar

This brand is one of the best in the making of baby skincare products that are suitable for irritated sensitive and skin.
This brand has a unique category of soap for children, even with the oilatum soap bar you can be certain that your infant’s skin will be very clean and smooth.

5. Avila Baby Herbal Soap

For the parent who wants their baby skin to not only be moisturized but also to be even and to glow, this is a perfect soap for your need. Avila is the perfect soap that will make your baby’s skin to be fair and even. So you should stop searching now and go quickly for Avila if you want your baby to be fair and lovely.

6. Pears Baby Soap

This is a category of baby soap specifically made to clean your baby’s body and protect it from bad odor, especially the bottom and those parts that are usually folded like the arms and legs.

With the regular application of this soap, no rash can stay on your baby’s body, and the scent is very lovely.

Interestingly enough, right from the second day of your baby’s birth, you can start using this soap.

  • Best Baby Lotions


These lotions are the perfect ways to maintain and care for the sensitive and tender skin of babies.

These products are capable of nourishing, protecting and keeping baby skin hydrated. These lotions are also capable of preventing skin irritation, rashes, and other skin allergies.

These lotions are totally harmless to your baby’s soft and delicate skin as it provides different vitamins that will nourish your baby’s skin.
More so,  these lotions are hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about skin irritations.

1. Little Angels Baby Lotion

You can be sure that your infant’s skin will not suffer rashes, dry patches, and irritation if you apply the Little Angels baby lotion on a daily basis after a bath.

If you want to get a far better result, simply pair this lotion with other infant skincare products from the Little Angel brand.

2. Sebamed Baby Lotion

This is another product from the Sebamed brand when you apply this lotion after using the Sebamed soap, you can be sure your baby’s skin will be beautiful and clean, it perfectly maintains infants’ skin and it helps to keep the skin glowing and soft.
Even if you decide to use this lotion alone, it will still give your baby’s skin a good and soft effect.

3. Aveeno Baby Lotion

If you are wondering which is the most reputable producer of the best infant cream and soap, the answer to this is Aveeno.
The ingredients in this lotion are quite safe and this lotion is made particularly for infants’ tender and sensitive skin.

4. Mothercare As Soft As Baby Lotion

This is a renowned brand for baby skincare products. This particular product is good for babies even from day 1. It gives a perfect moisturizing and softening feel to infants’ skin.

5. Baby Magic Calming Baby Lotion

This is a baby lotion that gives your baby’s body a rich and non-greasy effect.

It is made with lots of vitamins and aloe which helps to soothe the tender nature of baby skin.
This lotion also absorbs into infants’ skin very fast and very importantly, it helps to avoid skin allergies.

The beautiful scent of this lotion is also something worthy of note as it is quite magical, pleasant and usually lasts for hours.

6. CeraVe Baby Lotion

This lotion helps to hydrate baby skin and to protect the skin from unwanted irritations.

This particular brand is well known and highly respected in the market because of the unique inclusion of Ceramides in its products.

The major purpose of ceramides and other ingredients that are in this lotion is to ease dryness, cracking of the skin and chafing.


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