Best Bathing Soaps for Chocolate Skin in Nigeria


Most people, especially friends and family, go around making the speculation chocolate and dark skin is very easy to cater for that is mere speculation and not true.

Contrary to a public opinion even though light skin requires Street treatment routine chocolate skin needs such attention to and more so as to maintain the colour and not make it bleach or get too dark.

There is no skin type or colour that does not need special care it is a matter of decision and resolution it’s more like a personal journey.

Some skins bet light chocolate or dark require special care treatment on routine are they suitable for it as they don’t accept regular and Orthodox skin treatment methods. so depending on the kind of skin you have you might need to monitor yourself and know what is best and what works for you and your skin it just takes a little time.

It is infuriating to see people recommend soap that they’ve used two random people who impose their beliefs on what worked for them two other people based on their skin colour,

Sincerely speaking it doesn’t work that way but works for Jane might not work for blessing. Now it’s up someone you knew used and found a very comfy and soothing when recommended to you I be very harsh on your skin and for you to keep using it you’re doing yourself quite a lot of harm than good, these are the key factor to deciding what cream to use.

In this same manner you should desist from picking soaps you find while shopping that is looking like her they would be very beneficial to your skin it doesn’t work that way forget the picture on the body you might harm your chocolate skin.

Soaps contain chemical substances that is why it should not be taken lightly because it undergoes several chemical processes so for you to do yourself great good you have to go for soaps that won’t bleach you or have hush reactions on your body. I have friends that have used lightening soap and after that their skin reacted and got eczema which looks very bad.

Now they did this based on the recommendation from other friends that have used the soap so why didn’t it work somewhere that you worked on them?

The most especially in Africa where we’re known for our unique chocolate and black skin. This makes us stand out, it is unique. The most people parents really proud of themselves on social media about having brown skin, not until Beyonce did an album for Lion King movie where she featured Wizkid on a track called brown skin girl, now after that, every caption you see is brown skin every #hashtag you see is brown skin.

What does this mean do we really need someone to tell us how precious our skin colour is?
Having a chocolate skin is one of the best in the world it is glowing on a radiating, most people wish for it that you can buy to get it but can only have it here iPhone camera and filters.
It is why we need to take appropriate care of our skin and maintain it. When that is why I’m going to give out the best bathing soap for chocolate skin in Nigeria

These bathing soaps contain avocado powder shea butter cocoa butter and powder peanut oils but the bottles and plant oil all just to make your skin glow, these are nothing less than a magnificent ingredient that will nourish your skin.

Constant usage of these bathing soaps will leave your skin moisturized. Now let’s consider the best bathing soaps for chocolate skins in Nigeria.

5. Palmolive Soap

The same company that manufactures Palmolive makes Colgate toothpaste. The soap is gentle and perfect for use on chocolate skin.

The soap formula’s palm and olive oils definitely help in locking in moisture and keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day. All types of Palmolive soap are fantastic but Palmolive Moisture Care is the most preferred brand for chocolate skin.

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4. Nivea

NIVEA is a German body-care company specializing in personal care. It is owned by Beiersdorf Global AG, which is headquartered in Hamburg. Paul Carl Beiersdorf founded the company on 28 March 1882 and sold it to Oscar Troplowitz in 1890.

Nivea Cream Care wipes and exfoliates well while staying smooth and is gentle on the skin. It does not bleach and is particularly perfect for facial washing.
The bar includes rich almond oil that with every wash makes the skin radiant and silky smooth.

3. Ivory

Ivory is manufactured by the same corporation that is famous for Ariel detergents, Always sanitary pads, and Oral B toothpaste known as Procter and Gamble.
Luxurious creamy lather from the soap should leave the skin glossy and refreshed throughout the day. Ivory is particularly effective for delicate chocolate skin and could be used in quick showers.

2. Olay

Procter and Gamble now operates Olay too, after it was purchased as one of the Richardson-Vicks group in 1985.

Olay’s consistency had never been compromised by the shift of ownership. P and G hold the same body-nourishing recipe that Olay is renowned for. Olay Beauty Bar is a skin soap that is mega-moisture and comprises shea butter. The soap has a lot of rejuvenating conditioners which leave your skin soft, flawless and perfectly hydrated.

1. Dove

Dove soap (Made by Unilever) is the best chocolate skin soap which is always fresh. Dove soap would not lighten the skin but includes several natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, which pampers the skin and removes blemishes.

There’s also the choice of coconut and argan oil, which both do excellent work that keeps the chocolate skin clean and glowing after every shower.

Yes and that’s it hope you got it all, all you need to do is go shopping with this list of the best bathing soap for chocolate skin in Nigeria.


  1. Simi says

    Pls which cream can i used for my body am black but not too black, i have be used so many cream but now result.

    1. Editorial says

      Have you tried Nivea essential?

  2. Happiness says

    please what type of cream and bathing should i use? am not that too dark nor fair but just normal.

  3. Alphonsus says

    What kind of cream and soap can I use for my body,am not dark nor too far and i also need what will soften my hard/strong palms.
    I have used several body lotions which resulted to bleaching and now I seek for my real color .

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