10 best bitcoin affiliate programs in 2022


Bitcoin is a digital currency that isn’t issued by any country, bank or government. It was originally designed to be a form of decentralized, peer-to-peer payment system without the need of third-party intermediaries.

The backbone of Bitcoin is cryptography. The technology is based on public-key cryptography to ensure security and anonymity.

It uses a public key to encrypt a message which can only be decrypted by the receiver using their own private key, which allows them to verify the origin, ownership and destination of the message. This system is designed so that only the intended recipient can read it.

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In the last ten years, bitcoin has been a favored currency for online businesses. For those who are not familiar with the digital currency, here is a list of top 10 bitcoin affiliate programs for 2021.


CryptoHopper is a crypto trading bot that automates the process of trading cryptocurrencies. It monitors the market for big moves and makes trades automatically. If it detects a large price change, an alert will be sent to all of your accounts.

CryptoHopper also has a chatbot so you can monitor it from anywhere in real time! The chatbot is very user-friendly and lets you know what coins are trending right now as well as their potential risk level. In addition, there are trading strategies available to help with your investments.

If you’re someone who wants to earn a passive income, the CryptoHopper Affiliate Program is perfect for you. By using the program, you can earn a 100% commission for referring people. You don’t have to do anything but help them start their journey with crypto and they pay you a percentage of each sale that they make through your link.

The CryptoHopper automated crypto trading bot is currently available on Amazon Alexa for $199/year or $10/month (with free trial).

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You can sign up for their affiliate here:


HaasOnline is a provider of automated trading platforms and has been around for more than ten years. They can provide traders with the most accurate and up-to-date data on the market.

HaasOnline also offers their clients with digital trading platforms so they can trade from any device at any time. They offer services such as live streaming, social trading networks, and chatbots to their traders.

HaasOnline is a provider of trading tools that can be applied to number of types of trading, from Day Trading to Scalping. Their extensive selection includes roboadvisors, automated trading software, and a range of research capabilities.

You can earn through HaasOnline as an affiliate by promoting their products, when you make sales you earn affiliate commissions.

You can sign up for their affiliate here: https://www.haasonline.com/referral-program/


Paxful is a platform that allows people to buy and sell bitcoins. They have invested time and resource into creating an affiliate program that offers many benefits to the affiliates. It offers an extensive knowledge base, traffic generation tools, high payouts, and it’s easy to use.

The Affiliate Program is designed to help affiliates build their own businesses through the use of our tools and resources. We offer an extensive knowledge base, traffic generation tools, high payouts, and much more!

With affiliate marketing, you can set your own hours and work when you want to. You can also work on multiple campaigns at the same time. There’s no need to worry about how many hours you spend on the job because there are no deadlines.

You can sign up for their affiliate here


Along with the IRS cryptocurrency tax guidance, applications for crypto tax calculators have also become extremely popular among traders. With this newly available resource, they are now able to ensure they’re following the rules correctly.

With the cryptocurrency market booming, more investors are looking to take advantage of tax losses offered by the IRS. The agency recently released their guidance on tax liabilities for crypto transactions, which has led to an influx of crypto tax calculators. Because these algorithms are based on the new guidelines, they are able to identify possible tax losses that can be used as a deduction or credit in future years.

You can sign up for their affiliate here: https://cryptotrader.tax/affiliate-program

Bitcoin IRA


Approximately 50,000 BTC and cryptocurrency holders use Bitcoin IRA to hold crypto assets in their retirement plan. Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular with investors across the nation.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has been on a wild ride in 2017 with bitcoin’s value shooting up exponentially. And one company is trying to profit from this digital gold rush: Bitcoin IRA, a company that offers retirement plans that allow people to invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether, without ever withdrawing their crypto assets.

You can sign up for their affiliate here: 


Automating your trading can be a daunting task, but it is easier with technology. CoinRule is an automated trading platform that provides an array of features that will help you increase your income.

CoinRule is a trading platform that can use AI technology to automate your trading process. It has a real-time risk assessment engine that will help you remain consistent in your trading habits and keep your losses low.

With CoinRule, traders can be sure that their strategy will work and they won’t get scammed while investing in the crypto market. Using it takes away the hassle of managing your own funds and re-investing profits on a daily basis due to human errors or lack of knowledge on the market.

You can sign up for their affiliate here: 


Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been soaring in popularity lately. It was founded by two longtime crypto enthusiasts from London, U.K., and has exploded onto the market for its easy to use interface and superb customer support. It’s been widely praised for its rapid growth and high-quality ICOs, but not without a few complaints about operational issues that have arisen in the past.

The reason you’ve seen them: their affiliate program is one of the best, and their affiliates are making good money by promoting the new derivative exchange.

You can sign up for their affiliate here: 


Coinbase is a name that people know and trust when it comes to cryptocurrency. One of the ways Coinbase has been able to grow their brand is through their affiliate program. T

Coinbase is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, and they offer an affiliate program that allows people to earn money by referring new customers.

he Coinbase affiliate program offers a variety of benefits for promoters, such as payment on all new purchases, earning bonuses on referrals and more.

You can sign up for their affiliate here: 


Trezor is a hardware wallet that allows you to easily store your crypto offline. It’s also designed to be used in conjunction with other hardware wallets for multi-signature transactions.

We recommend this affiliate program because of the sheer number of Trezors out there. It’s much easier to convert your audience to customers when the brand is so well-established in its niche.

Thanks to the sheer number of Trezors on the market, you can easily convert your audience into customers. This gives you the opportunity to earn a lot and still expand your audience.

You can sign up for their affiliate here:


Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been at the top of the list for many crypto holders. It is one of the most used exchanges in the world. This presents affiliates with a great opportunity to make a profit on their investments.

While there are many cryptocurrency exchanges, Kucoin is one of the top tier exchanges. This is due to its high volume and large number of cryptocurrencies on offer. As a result, it has been at the top of the list for many crypto holders. It offers a variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens to traders and investors.

You can sign up for their affiliate here

Here you have a comprehensive list of the 10 best bitcoin affiliate programs in 2022, Kindly help share this write-up with your social media network and if you have any comments drop them in box below.



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