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Business is the task of earning or making money through the production or purchase and sale of items (such as goods and services); Business is the task of earning or making money through the production or purchase and sale of items (such as goods and services).

Most people if not everyone dream of owning their business and making a sustainable income through it. People want to be millionaires and billionaires by doing business.

Though Nigeria has some untapped field it is still very competitive as most people delve into the same business sectors and this might be because many of them lack vision.

You may be looking for the prospects to invest your money in, but since you have a limited amount of money, you want to be guaranteed success? In Nigeria, maybe you would like to find small business ideas that will grow rapidly?

We assure you that this article is tailored for you and others who are searching for the most creative ideas for small business now this article is designed to bring to you the best and most profitable business idea in Nigeria.

The Big mistake they already focusing on already discovered and overcrowded business ideas. Twitter make money we need to think out-of-the-box get a unique business idea that will address the market needs and it should be an idea that it is feasible and applicable to the local environment.

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Take a look at the best business idea in Nigeria:

1. Waste & Sanitation Management

Around 11 billion tons of wastes are being processed worldwide, which currently produces a whopping $410 billion in revenue. If you’re from a less developed country like Nigeria, it’s unlimited to have the potential to be one of Nigeria’s wealthiest businessmen just by gathering and recycling trash you gather from people’s homes.

Everybody needs a clean atmosphere because of the knowledge of hygiene but no one needs to scrub the dirt.
Roofing Sheets, Plastic & Broken Bottles, Wine Cork Panels, Slippers and many more are loads of items that can be made from recycled waste products.

As a small-scale businessman, you do not need to be the one responsible for recycling all you have to do is find ways to bring the waste items to the companies that have a recycling plant and you’ll be charged for it.

And if you’re able to dirty your hands then the unexploited business idea is just waiting for you.

2. Food Truck/Container Business

Another highly unexplored business idea in Nigeria is a food container company that only provides for the working class. People are so busy nowadays, and very few are taking the time out to prepare their own meal or visit a restaurant.

For most people, your food container company solves that problem, because it gives them the food. You will need to prepare meals that most people are more likely to eat, and live in areas with a high traffic volume.

To make this business concept special and distinct from typical restaurant vendors, I recommend you concentrate mainly on delivering light breakfasts like tea, coffee, and snacks that employees can catch on their way to work.

Then as lunchtime is approaching, you should prepare regular meals such as white then jollof rice, yam, indomie, etc.

Note that you have to set up a container that is more like your workplace. You can place your container in any busy location in parking bays or roadside. The coolest part with this business idea is that you can minimize your rent by 70 percent because you’ll need less room as it needs fewer seating arrangements.

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3. Organic Farming Business

Like other African nations, Nigeria has yet to completely grow its agricultural and farming potential, although it is an agrarian nation with a reputation of being one of the world’s leading producers of certain crops at one time or another. Organic farming is still young in the region in an organized way, with less than 10 years of operation.

There’s a large market for organic food all over the world, so just put on your pyjamas and get into the field. Harvest fruits, crops, milk or any everyday needs commodity and eventually people will see you alongside some millionaires and billionaires on the front cover of business magazines.

The best part about organic farming would be that the government supports it and offers agricultural subsidies and grants to startups who are ready to start it.

4. Alternative Energy for Homes

According to estimates from the Electricity Generating Companies, Nigeria’s total electricity supply is 3, 851 MW that is nothing close to the power supply expected by Nigerians.

The entire industry has been privatized since 2005, and now it is the primary responsibility of these private companies to ensure that electricity is provided to over 180 million Nigerians that they clearly have struggled to achieve.

Renewable energy sources which can be used in homes come in different forms, such as solar power, biofuels, wind energy, biomass energy among others.

Now is the perfect time for you to earn some money out of poor governance and leadership in this country for great businessmen who have got the ability to implement this, because the Nigerian energy supply crisis doesn’t seem to stop any time soon.

Although this proposal is far more capital-intensive than others, the demand that is theoretically and readily accessible is more than you could assume.

5. Web Design Agencies

Almost all companies are jumping up on the online picture these days. That implies one thing–all of them need websites and that’s where you can get in.

This void in the room for web design provides an opportunity for multiple web design companies or aspiring startups to go into web development.

As a web designer in Nigeria, through SME activities, blogging, social media networks such as LinkedIn, and several other platforms, you can promote your Company.

It can be real cash-spinners to help the millions of small businesses spring up to create great web designs and to build blogs on WordPress or Blogger.

What you need: A computer, a portfolio, good web design skills, and several channels to advertise to potential clients.

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