Best Cars For Taxi Business in 2022


Do you want to start a transportation company in Nigeria? Do you know the kind of cars to buy in Nigeria that would be good for the transportation business? It would be beneficial to know the right car to start your transportation business so that you do not start, just to stop halfway.

We are here to direct you on the kind of cars you should use to start commercial transportation as far as Nigeria is concerned. Thanks to the huge population in Nigeria, the transportation industry is quickly expanding into a lucrative business opportunity.

However, not all vehicles are ideal for a transportation firm, whether it be an uber, shuttle, taxi, inner- and inter-city-whatever business implies.

There are certain considerations that need to be weighed when selecting a car for transportation in Nigeria, even though you are just searching for a tokunbo or Nigerian used car to purchase for a transportation business.

These concerns include:

Fuel Consumption: Can your car save petrol at all, or are you going to waste all your money on gas alone? I isn’t think so.

The State of Nigerian Highways:

This is another important factor to consider.

As a Nigerian, I assume you already know how poor our roads have been lately, with potholes at virtually every turn. You really need a vehicle that can drive and yet remain sound over these poor roads.

Spare parts availability: You don’t want a car whose spare parts can not be purchased in the major markets of Alaba, Lagos, or Onitsha, do you? To be able to repair obsolete, broken or worn out pieces as they require replacing, the spare part market of a vehicle should be nearby.

Maintenance: Do you have automotive consultants or technicians to help identify and repair problems as they occur? If no, you have to start contacting any good technician close to you.

Nice rear seat capacity and carrier: good to go is a truck that can carry up to four passengers and baggage.

Fuel power: Check the vehicle’s engine capacity. 1.8 liters can do it.

Let’s look at the cars that are appropriate for a transport company in Nigeria (although not exhaustive and also taking into consideration the condition of our roads) after mentioning these variables.

Volkswagen Jetta


Good Speed
Good fuel economy
It is Rugged
It has good maintenance


The oil switch usually get bad easily

They are some of these vehicles that do not have simple safety equipment such as airbags, and this makes it a little dangerous for passengers.

Door handles easily become faulty
If the car is not well managed, the velocity may pull out.

Volkswagen Sharan / Seat Alhambra / Ford Galaxy

Note that these cars look alike and they even have sections that are similar.


Strong economy with petrol
Airbag Dual
Inexpensive repair


If you need a vehicle with higher fuel economy, skip the VR6 (6 cylinders)
Door handles can get bad quickly,
Dont go for Automatic Drives

Vento Volkswagen


Cheap to maintain
Rugged on Nigerian highways
Quite Speedy
Powerful Gasoline


Door handles can get bad quickly,
It has a poor safety system and others do not have an airbag unless the vehicle is well maintained.
The velocity may pull out in no time.

Golf 2 by Volkswagen


Cheap to maintain
Rugged on Nigerian highways
Fast speed


Low protection equipment, some of them do not have airbags
When fuel goes down, the car can be quite risky to operate due to fuel leakage from the tank.
The car may begin to pull out after sometime

With this important information we have provided above, the question of what kind of car you need hopefully has been answered.


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