Best country to migrate to from Nigeria


Migration is an essential part of life, you happens when people seek greener pastures. Very positive things to gain from migrating such as a better standard of living job opportunities better healthcare or education.

They’ve also known types of migration such as immigration, emigration, counter urbanization, internal migration, rural-urban migration, and international migration.

We have to also put into consideration the push and pull factors why people migrate. This normally falls under environmental factors such as calamities natural disasters or climate changes.

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For instance crop failure, flooding, crime rate, poverty, insecurity, and war. The Nigerian I don’t have all this or at least you might be on a minimum level but most Nigerians are great because what basic is not yet in the country we have bad leadership which we’re known for.

Our leaders mismanaged funds we lack infrastructure and life is hell for the citizens. overtime research has shown that Nigerians in the diaspora are really doing well for themselves that they would have done if they’re in Nigeria.

This means that the factors that cause people to migrate are summarized into three aspects and they are the political social and economic aspects.

Do this might not be regular in Nigeria but they also deciding factors in why people migrate these are racism, religion, and sexism.

Moving to live in another country it’s a whole new experience there are things you should consider before you migrate from Nigeria to another country.

You should consider language barriers. the country you are trying to move to what language do they speak would you be limited in communicating with the citizens. can you speak the language fluently?

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Language is essential because you might need to sign some contracts and some Legal agreement and if you don’t understand the language there is no way you would know what to do. The services of a translator might be expensive for you.

You may also want to consider the culture of the people that you’re migrating to their way of life is very crucial, so you could adjust easily.

You might want to consider the ease of getting a visa. is it a country that you won’t waste your money working on getting the Visa and get denied.

Then you might need to check your safety consider countries that are secured and less prone to crimes, also why doing this you might need to check your pocket so they are confused that the immigration is very expensive so you might need to cut your coat according to your cloth.

So when you are looking at the list of the top 10 best countries to migrate to from Nigeria you might be surprised to see some countries that you think are not that good but trust me, we’ve made our research.
So from our list, you might want to consider some countries that are also in Africa, these countries are doing well economically and might serve as a honeypot to you.

These are the top 10 best countries to easily migrate to from Nigeria.


Canada is like the hottest country for migrants All over the world right now, it’s a safe haven. Canada remains on top of the list as one of the most immigration friendly countries in the world, the United Nations rates Canada is one of the best countries to live in.

People migrating to Canada for education make the best decisions because it has the best universities in the world. Besides that, the country is enriched with oil and natural resources. Canada also has very low crime and violence rates with a booming standard of living.
All these factors make it very favorable and preferable for immigration.

2. Sweden


Sweden was ranked as the best immigrant country in the world, only after Canada and Switzerland.

Sweden’s decision to accept thousands of refugees has seen its country diversify as it accounts for around 10 percent of its 9.8 million people. Sweden is regarded by citizens and visitors alike to be one of the safest countries in the world.

In addition, most travelers in Sweden do not have to acknowledge any safety concerns so long as they use simple precautions.

3. Ecuador

Ecuador is among the easiest Nigerian countries to migrate and discover its ways. Because of its libra visa program it could be considered as a fresh-found land for many. There are reportedly only around one thousand Nigerians live there.

4. Norway

Norway is a very friendly, peaceful and pollution-free country. The rich nation offers its public universities free tuition. Owing to the country’s scenic beauty and peaceful way of life, most people regard Norway as their destination for immigration.

5. Finland

If the peace offered in Norway and Canada is not adequate then you can not get any better than Finland. The country is indeed the safest place in the world and its capital, Helsinki, features as one of the world’s liveliest cities.

6. Spain

Spain consists of various quasi-independent “communities.” Each one of these historical kingdoms ‘cultural influence makes a country of diverse and competitive population. The immigrant community to Spain is very diverse with citizens from Argentina, Ecuador, Romania, the UK, France, Germany, and Morocco.

7. Australia

Australia, host to some 23.7 million people, is a prosperous country with a strong presence in international agencies, solid citizenship rights, entrepreneurial opportunities, economic prosperity, and a wide public service system.

8. Paraguay

Paraguay is a high literacy rate country that is better than most developing countries. It is a peaceful and secure spot. The citizens are very polite and friendly.
Choose Paraguay when you have the resources and are searching for a place to move wherein the cost of living is fairly small.

9. Republic of Benin

In the Republic of Benin, most of the unpleasant issues you may have to run away from in Nigeria do not exist. Speaking about kidnapping, Arm Robbery, religion or ethnic abuse, weak national currency, very poor supply of power and water. And no accurate, viable national urban layout to top it all.

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10. Switzerland

Switzerland is a costly country to visit-no doubt about it. I think the price is about $75 Dollars for what a tourist/budget traveler will fly on in Switzerland. You’d get enough money at that low price to do all the basics, reside at some hotels, go outside and enjoy any adventure and recreational activities.


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