Best data bundles in Nigeria for iPhone users


iPhone users are increasing in numbers on a daily basis especially because of how apple updates on their mobile devices and it has different amazing specifications.

Apple phones attract lots of Nigerians as well as residents from many other countries and dream of buying an iPhone.  but of what use is a smartphone without a data bundle?

iPhone users need data plans too, so in this post, I’ll be listing different data plans from Airtel and Glo and others just for your satisfaction. The best data plan for your mobile should also be found by those of you who already have this famous smartphone.

Airtel Data Plan for iPhone Users

Airtel Data Plan Airtel is one of Nigeria’s biggest networks and one of the world’s largest providers in telecommunications. Airtel offers unlimited data plans for all devices, including Android, tablets, and iPhones.

Let’s talk about the N1000 Airtel 3 GB data plan, other Airtel data plans, how to sign up to these plans and how to check out the data balance start by dialing *140#.

Some data plans for Airtel include:

1. Compare Airtel 30 MB Data Plan* 410 #to subscribe with N100 for this plan. You can receive 24-hour data valid for 30 MB.

2. Full Airtel 100 MB Data Plan* 412 #to subscribe with N200 for this plan. You will receive 3 days valid data of 100 MB.

3. Full Airtel 80 MB Data Plan* 417 #to subscribe with N300 for this plan.You will then receive 80MB valid data which lasts for 7 days.

4. Complete Airtel 750 MB Data Plan* 418 #to subscribe with N500 for this plan. You will receive data valid for 14 days from 750 MB.

5. Airtel 1.5 GB Data Plan Request* 496 #for this plan with N1000 only. You will receive data valid for 30 days, which is 1.5 GB.

6. Complete Airtel 3.5 GB Data Plan* 437 #to subscribe with N2000 for this plan. You will receive data of 3.5 GB which is also valid for 30 days.

7. Airtel 5 GB Data Plan Dial* 437* 1 #to subscribe with N2,500 only for this plan. You are going to receive 5 GB of data available for 30 days.

8. Airtel 7 GB Data Plan Sign up for this plan with just N3,500* 438#. You will receive data valid for 30 days, which is 7 GB.

9. Complete Airtel 9 GB Data Plan* 438* 1 #to subscribe with N4000 for this plan. You will receive a valid data of 9 GB that is valid for up to 30 days.

10. Airtel 12 GB Data Plan: Sign up for this plan with just N5000 by dialing * 452#. You will receive data valid for 30 days that is 12 GB.

Knowing your Airtel Data Balance is achieved by dialing the code * 140 # after which you will receive an SMS displaying your data balance immediately.

Glo Data Plans for iPhone users

You should select a data plan for yourself once you have picked a Glo subscription. Glo Nigeria’s official website has listed all the packages you can use.

Each Glo iPhone data plan in Nigeria consists of camper, versatile, and daily packages that can last from 1 day to 30 days.

  1. N6000 flex package – Dial * 127 * 5 #  to get 4 GB for a 30-day option.
  2. N6000 flex package –   Dial * 127 * 6# to get 12 GB worth of mobile data for day use option (from 8 am to 9 pm).
  3. N8000 plan – Dial *127*1# to subscribe 20GB with an extra 5GB of data bonus for a 30-day option.
  4. N10000 offer – Dial *127*11# to get 26GB with a 6.5GB data bonus for a 30-day option.

Hope the information on data packages is useful, enjoy your iPhone.



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