Best Energy Drinks in Nigeria


Energy Drinks in Nigeria-In today’s daily living people need a lot to do. And in doing a  lot energy is used up. How do we make up for this energy exhausted?

I think this is a question. Well, we can get it from food, fruits, water, and drinks. Nigeria is a country with a lot of hustles, bubbles, and stress. We have by taking energy drinks. I will show you the Top 5 Energy Drinks In Nigeria Today.

Popular Energy Drinks in Nigeria

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  1. Red Bull

I have to start with the number one here. This one is popular everywhere including Nigeria.

It is the Red Bull energy drink. Obviously, Red bull energy drink is popular worldwide. Produced by an American Company -the Red bull. They sponsor sports activities. This energy drink has a potent energizing effect and delicious flavor.


The ingredients contained in red bull are caffeine, sucrose and glucose, taurine, B-vitamins.

2. Monster Energy Drink

And the next on the line is Monster Energy Drink.


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A lot of Nigerians take this. And `it is very popular worldwide. Also produced by an American company called Monster beverage.

They sponsor sports and athletes. Monster offers a wide variety of flavors. It has a potent energizing effect.

Its ingredients include glucose, Panax, ginseng, taurine, 160mg of caffeine, L-carnitine.

3. Fearless energy Drinks


And the third one is Fearless Energy Drinks.


This drink comes in two varieties, red berry, and classic. It is lower in Caffeine compared to Bullet energy drink. Water, sugar, ginseng, caffeine, taurine, and flavoring are the ingredients. Produced by Rites food ltd Ikeja, Lagos.

4. Bullet energy drink

I will say that the fourth one is Bullet energy drink.


Bullet has a nice taste and can give you energy when you need it. It comes in varieties of the black and blue bullet. it contains taurine, caffeine,

5. Power horse energy drink

Now the fifth and the final on the list is Power horse energy drink.


Power horse energy is owned by Power horse energy company. The ingredients in power horses include carbonated water, sugar, sucrose, and glucose, taurine, vitamin B12, citric acid, niacin, etc. It also has a sugar free version. And too, low in caffeine.

And the above are the top 5 energy drinks in Nigeria. The research is based on popularity and consumption.

Benefits Of Energy Drinks In Nigeria

And just like some other drinks in Nigeria. Energy drinks have benefits for people.

  • Gives strength by supplying one with sugar.
  • Reduces stress by relaxing the muscles
  • Refreshes the throat, cures taste and the system.
  • Boast performances in offices and in fieldwork.
  • Cures exhaustion and gives energy when you need it.
  • Helps with mental performance, the caffeine content helps with this.

And in all, energy drinks could be harmful if you consume it all the time and in high quantities. You have to avoid that.

Again don’t get used to it. Yes. I said this because you can get used to it and it becomes a habit. Take it when you need it.

So, in this our hot weather, you might need a chilled energy drink.


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