Best Football Stadiums in Nigeria


A stadium is a place for sporting events especially outdoor sports can also be used for concept and different shows. The stadium consists of the field the track and the seating structure for spectators to view the event.

Lovers of sports are used to see different stadiums in whatever game they love watching. Whether you watch football rugby Denise cricket soccer and others the Field of play is always in the stadium. It is an important aspect of match-fixing because every game has to hold in a stadium whether home or away.

The stadium is always horseshoe-shaped Auroville with tears of seats for the spectators. Image of feature in a stadium which differentiates it from other stadiums is the row of seats and capacity to hold spectators.

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Now people confuse the term arena and stadium.

There is no much spectacular difference between these two but here is the significant factor to know them by. The stadium usually has an open roof except for few which can be closed but an arena is always enclosed.

Football games how always played in stadiums why some other sports like basketball take place in arenas.

Now if someone is asking the question of how a stadium is built, here’s an answer to give – a stadium is built and established honey strong frame of concrete with a very formidable metal beam that is made of steel, big cranes lift these beams into place and stack them into the oval shape of the stadium.

There are many big stadiums in the world and they include Rubgrado Mayday stadium with 114,000 capacity.

Michigan stadium with 107,601 and Beaver stadium with 106,572.

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So bringing it home to the National sports Nigeria has been giving their best to prove their spot in the international sports rating as the giant of Africa.

This is why there are many sports infrastructural facilities made available by the Federal Government in different states, as for stadium there are national own stadiums wider also state own stadiums present in several Nigerian states that is why we are bringing to you the best stadiums in Nigeria for your perusal.

1. Akwa Ibom International Stadium

It is undoubtedly true that this international stadium is the best in Nigeria. It is a piece of beauty that must Nigerian players yearn to play in.
Governor Godswill Akpabio’s administration began the construction of this stadium in 2012 and completed it in 2014.
The contract was masterminded by the foremost construction company in Nigeria Julius Berger construction company.
The stadium was obviously modelled after Allianz arena in Germany. Akwa Ibom International Stadium has a 30,000 seater capacity and was made for both sporting and non-sporting activities like cultural and social events.
The Akwa Ibom International Stadium was built with an estimated cost of $250million.

2. Abuja National Stadium

Federal capital territory Abuja has his own magnificent Stadium. It is very exceptional making it to stand out and be the second on the list. It is officially Nigeria’s national stadium with 60,491 seaters capacity. This means it’s the home of our national team be it the super eagles, the flying eagles, the golden eagles, and the falcons.

The stadium is obviously the best in Nigeria in comparison with capacity as it has the highest number of seaters than any other stadium in Nigeria.

It has also been used for different world sports competition for instance and 2003 were used for the 8th all African games.


It is not just the best in terms of capacity it also is the most expensive stadium in Nigeria with the estimated cost of over 360 million dollars.

3. Teslim Balogun Stadium – Lagos

This is the Lagos State Stadium how is located in surulere Lagos State. This stadium was named after Nigerian professional footballer teslim Balogun to honour him.

This stadium was was contracted and delivered under the administration of Babatunde Fashola’s regime is the governor of Lagos State. It has a 25000 seater capacity.
The stadium has an estimated cost of 1.3 billion naira and it’s not a multi-purpose Stadium it was constructed mainly for the sports event.

4. Liberation Stadium – Port Harcourt

This liberation Stadium is located in Elekhia, Port Harcourt. It is awesome and has been rated among the best in Nigeria, it also has added advantage because it is multipurpose saying that it could be used for different sporting and non-sporting event.

The liberation Stadium will a 30000 seaters capacity is the home to the dolphin football club. The stadium has always been ranked in the top five best stadium in Nigeria.

Which stadium is different because it’s modernized with technological gadgets which makes it stands out in Nigeria in comparison with other international Stadium. It has a closed circuit security cameras (CCTV) president and the stadium to monitor movements and prevent some unsecured events from happening.

5. Enyimba International Stadium

Coming first on the list of the best stadium in Nigeria is any MBA international Stadium that is located in ABA abia State Nigeria.

The stadium was renamed back in 2002 as Enyimba international Stadium after they won the 2002 CAF championship.

The stadium was inaugurated back in 1992, it has special features which include a VIP portion and it has hosted the CAF champions league. Any spacious and has a 25000 seaters capacity.

The maintenance level and this particular Stadium is top-notch as the grass is made up of well-groomed grass turf, unlike any other Stadium it also has an electronic scoreboard and well maintained flood lights.

its medical arena is well-equipped and it has good medical equipment and facilities like a standby ambulance stretcher and health workers that are always available on ground.

The crowd control in this stadium is perfectly handled as it has 6 main exits. It also has 1500 parking space in its car park and in addition to that it has a well-equipped medical centre with all needed facility to record and broadcast sports events. The security at the Stadium is well equipment and standard compared to others.

The other stadiums in Nigeria that are very good and worthy of mentioning like U.J. Esuene stadium which serves as the home stadium of Calabar Rovers, Obafemi Awolowo Stadium which was renamed by former President Goodluck Jonathan back in 2010 and was commissioned in 1960.

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