10 best free Bitcoin faucet websites to earn daily in 2022


What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

A Bitcoin faucet is a website that gives out free bitcoins. The way it works is that visitors to the site are allowed to claim a certain number of bitcoins every certain amount of time. There are different types of Bitcoin faucets, but the most popular one is called “The Freebitco.in Faucet.”

The Freebitco.in Faucet uses an advertising-supported business model, which means they make their money by showing ads to users on its site. This requires little effort on the part of the company compared with other models where they would have to build their own ads or hire someone else who can do it for them.

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What to Do & How to Make Money from a Free Coin Website

A free coin website is a website that offers its visitors a new cryptocurrency. Such websites are becoming more and more popular and they rely on the visitors to generate content instead of ads to earn money.

Free coins websites usually offer content such as:

– tutorials on how to get involved,

– write for us,

– crypto news,

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– new launches or updates.

Now let’s look at 10 best free Bitcoin faucet website to earn daily in 2022


FreeBitco.in is a bitcoin faucet which offers a lot of features to its users. It also offers free coins, but it has been known for being one of the best faucets available on the internet. FreeBitco.in is a website that can provide people with a lot of different ways to earn bitcoins, and it’s an easy way for people to earn huge amounts of

The website offers 1,000 Satoshi every 5 minutes from 1 to 10 users. The user can get a maximum of 50,000 Satoshi every hour.

Satoshi is a decentralized digital currency with a limited supply. This digital currency can be used as a means of payment for many people.

You can sign up for FreeBitco.in using the link below:



Cointiply is an innovative faucet that allows you to earn bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin and more cryptocurrencies for free.

Cointiply has an awesome design concept that makes it easy for users to get started. After signing up, users are automatically given $5 worth of cryptocurrencies. With the help of the Faucet feature, users can start earning cryptocurrencies by completing actions like watching videos or answering questions.

Coinswap is another feature on Cointiply that allows users to trade their non-bitcoin cryptocurrencies with bitcoin at a very low rate. There are also other features like the news section and an email address where users can receive updates about Cointiply’s progress and reach out to them for support if needed.

You can sign up for Cointiply using the link below:


Fire Faucet – Bitcoin and other cryptos

Bitcoin is the first and most popular cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin Faucet is a Bitcoin bot that dispenses free Bitcoin to visitors who enter their Bitcoin address and a captcha code.

The Bitcoin Faucet was created by the user “kn0thing” who got tired of waiting for Bitcoins to be mined. In less than two years, the site has received over 1,000,000 visitors from over 160 countries around the world.

The top 7 cryptocurrencies that are currently being traded on Bitfinex are:

Bitcoin –

Ethereum –

Ripple –

Bitcoin Cash –

Litecoin –




You can sign up for fire faucet here: https://firefaucet.win/

AllCoins – Many coins, such choice, wow

The name of this coin is AllCoins and it comes with many choices. It is the most popular cryptocurrency with over 100 billion coins in circulation.

The uniqueness of this coin makes it stand out from other cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The main goal of the founders was to make sure that there would be a different, more attractive choice for people who want to invest in crypto assets.

This coin provides a wide range of choices for users – you can choose what you would like to spend or earn with your coins.

Choice has been their theme since the beginning and they try to provide users with as many choices as possible such as: trading, mining, staking, investing etc.

AllCoins is a new marketplace where users have access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies. It is an online platform that helps people get the best out of their investments.

AllCoins offers a variety of coins, which can be bought and sold in bundles. The company claims the feature makes it the best place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as it helps investors have more choice

You can sign up for this coin here: https://allcoins.pw/

Bit Fun – DEAD

Bit Fun is a website that allows visitors to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The site was created by a guy with the pseudonym “CryptoMidget.” He plans to keep the website running forever, but he has made it such that if someone manages to reach his Bit Fun faucet, then they will end up owning more than 50% of all coins mined on the site. This means that he is trying to create an incentive for users to mine on his site – so it’s a win-win situation!

This website makes use of a unique business model. It’s not only fun but also has a business element as well.

You can sign up on Bitfun-DEAD click the link below:


Bonus Bitcoin – DEAD

Bonus Bitcoin is another profitable faucet, established in 2015, that gives away free bitcoin. And where you can claim every 15 minutes, or 4 times an hour, to maximize your profit.

Bonus Bitcoin is another online faucet established in 2015 that rewards users with free bitcoin. You can claim every 15 minutes, or 4 times an hour to maximize your earnings.

You can sign up for Bonus Bitcoin- DEAD using the link below:


Moon Bitcoin – DEAD

Some sites allow 1 claim an hour, while some allow you to accumulate more sats per claim by waiting longer. Moon Bitcoin allows you to claim every 5 minutes and can provide you with a rate for this.

Sites like Moon Bitcoin allow people to receive satoshi’s twice as fast as other sites. This allows for more time to accumulate satoshi’s overtime, which can be used for additional claims or purchases on the site.

If you are looking to make money on the cryptocurrency of Bitcoin, you may want to consider using Moon Bitcoin. This is the best of both worlds, as this site allows users to make claims every 5 minutes. But they also allow for more time between claims, which gives back more satoshi each time you claim.

Qoinpro – SCAM

I love this bitcoin faucet created in 2014! It’s super easy to sign up and get some free cryptocurrencies. And Qoinpro as a passive income option can allow you to forget about it as well.

For those who are looking for a way to make money online, the best option is to find a business that doesn’t require much time. When you’re interested in Qoinpro, you sign up and forget about it. Within seconds, you’re earning free cryptos (BCH, BTC, CPU, DASH, DOGE, LTC) automatically – without any effort at all!

Daily Free Bits – SCAM

This bitcoin faucet is old & outdated, but it used to work & people got free money. It has the ad-filled pitfalls of an old site – good luck trying to use it.

Some people claim that this broken website is worth the hassle, but it really is just a lot of work to get free money.

Bitcoinker – SCAM

There are lots of shady websites in this industry. This bitcoin faucet looks like it could be one based on the homepage and the ads and redirects.

Unfortunately, people are getting scammed more and more these days by knock-off websites. These scams can cost up to $500! This is why it’s important to understand the signs of a scam website. Unfortunately, there are many red flags that can be found on these sites that give away the game.

There are many reviews that say this bitcoin faucet is not much to use. Not only does it not pay out what it promises, but the reviews also state that the content quality has gotten worse over time. I’m really disappointed with this one because it used to be legit.

Here you have it a detailed guide on the various free Bitcoin faucet website to earn daily in 2022. Kindly help share this write-up with your social media audience.



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