5 Best Mobile Banking Apps in Nigeria in 2022


As a Nigerian, you will most likely  agree with me that mobile banking apps are a necessity on every smart device isn’t it?

From the comfort of your home, you can carry out a good number of sensitive tasks within seconds, right?
First, mobile banking apps helps to curb long queues in banks, also, with these mobile banking apps, there’s no time restriction to your access to funds.
You can make money transfers from the corner of your bedroom easily.

Although presently, not one out of all the mobile banking apps available in Nigeria has 100 percent performance rate, however,you will find these apps quite valuable.

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Top Mobile Banking Apps in Nigeria 2020

We have listed below the top mobile banking applications mostly used by Nigerians by reason of their service quality, unique features and accessibility.

1. Gtbank

Widely considered as the best bank in Nigeria and the largest in Africa, GTBank is an outstanding bank with several offers and services.  The GTb mobile app is a major service point of the bank.

This unique mobile app is loaded with many features that makes it very attractive to users.
On this app, users are allowed to buy airtime without logging in, buy data, manage your credit card, reauest for account statements etc.

Other accessible options on the app includes booking of airline tickets, buying movie tickets, and making payments for various distributors.

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This app is rated 3.9 on play store while it has recorded over one million downloads

2.  UBA Mobile Banking App

This is arguably one of the quickest mobile banking apps in the country. This mobile app permits you to log in to a user-friendly interface within a matter of seconds, and on this interface you will be able to perform some major operations.


On this apps, users are allowed to transfer funds be it Nigeria Naira or foreign currency to all UBA bank account spread across Africa, on this platform,you can access your BVN, you can buy tickets to watch movies at the cinemas.
This app further helps users to easily locate close ATM points, helps users to get automatic alerts on recurring bills and easily access customer support.

This app has over 1 million downloads while it is rated 4.1 on the play store.

3.  First Mobile

This very app has more than 1 million downloads and is rated 4.0 on the play store.
Rated 4.0 on play store and has recorded over 1 million downloads, First mobile is no doubt one of the most utilized apps.
The most interesting thing about this app is that it is very easy to to operate.
So easy such that even an elderly person can make use of it without stress.
On this app, users are permitted to transfer money to other banks, buy airtime, and make important digital payments. See our guide on Firstbank transfer codes.

4.  Access Bank Mobile App

This app is regarded as one of Nigeria’s favourite smart mobile banking apps because it has all of the basic features needed by most online bankers.
With the use of this app, you can transfer, find banks or ATMs that are close to you, you can buy airtime, pay for your utility bills and even pay for Dubai Visa. Awesome right?

However, we know there’s hardly anything that has a good side that doesn’t have a dark side. So, like several other apps, users have made complaints about their transactions failing and difficulties in logging in.
Despite these complaints and  challenges, this app is rated 4.1 while it has over 1 million downloads.

5.  Stanbic Ibtc Mobile

This is considered one of Nigeria’s top mobile banking solutions. Wondering why this is so?
Apart from the known mobile banking functions of transfer and others, the Stanbic IBTC mobile app permits users to operate their mutual fund investment account and pensions acount the need of going to the bank.

Interestingly, users are also permitted to use all the mobile app functions without the use of ATM.
More interestingly, users of this platform can buy airtime in Naira on their roaming line when they are outside the country.

Another lovely function of this app is that with a fingerprint, you can do your validation, you can do a selfie and upload as your profile picture for the app.

Howbeit, just as many people say good things about this app, there are several others who make serious complaints about logging on to this app. See our guide on how to buy Airtime from Stanbic bank.

This app has recorded over 500,000 downloads and it aas rated 4.1 by those who have used it.


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