Top 10 Best Universities in Nigeria (2021)


There are several parents and prospective students in Nigeria who really want to know the best universities in Nigeria.

Some students even go to the extent of inquiring for the NUC list of best Universities in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, we will like to clearly state that the National University Commissions (NUC) does not release that kind of list as it can’t be found on any official page of NUC.

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However, out of the 200+ federal, state and private universities accredited by NUC, in no particular order, we present you the top 10 best universities in Nigeria based on opinions.

1. University Of Ibadan

The University of Ibadan popularly known as the U.I is considered one of the ancient universities in Nigeria situated in the heart of Ibadan city.

The university which is held in high esteem has 17 faculties.

For the first time, in the year 2016, UI was listed as one of the top 1000 universities on the planet.

Also, the University of Ibadan has been recognized several times by Webometrics as one of the top 10 universities in Africa.

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For the first time, in the year 2016, UI was listed by Times Higher Education as one of the top 1000 universities in the globe.

Going by this information and several others, it is safe to conclude that the University of Ibadan is truly one of the best universities in Nigeria and arguably the best.

2. University of Nigeria, Nsukka

This is a federal university situated in Nsukka, Enugu State.
Established in the year 1955 by the first president of Nigeria: Nnamdi Azikwe.

UNN as it is popularly called, has 15 faculties, 82 undergraduate programs, 102 academic departments, and 211 postgraduate programs.

It also has a total of three campuses all in Enugu State.
These campuses are Ituku-Ozalla, Nsukka, and Enugu.

3. Ahmadu Bello University.

This is an institution well known as a research university owned by the federal government of Nigeria and situated in Zaria, Kaduna State.

Formerly called the University of Northern Nigeria, ABU was established on the 4th of October 1962.

Speaking of science courses especially medicine, ABU is highly advisable for prospective students.

ABU has twelve Faculties, 12 research institutes, and specialized centers and 82 departments.

4. University of Lagos

Popularly called Unilag, this is another government-owned research institution situated in Lagos State.
According to reports available, Unilag is one of the top universities in Nigeria which offers admission to a massive number of students year by year.
The institution admitted over 56,000 students in the year 2013.

Some of the faculties in Unilag are Education, School of Dental services, Law, Science, Business Administration amongst others.

With the information provided above, it should not be difficult for anyone to agree that Unilag is one of the best schools in Nigeria.

5. Covenant University

This is a private institution founded in 2002, situated in Ogun State and owned by the Founder of Living Faith Foundation popularly known as Winners.

This institution which is a member of the Association of African Universities has grown tremendously
since its establishment in 2002.

In recognition of the good work done by this institution, several awards have been given in the times past.

Awards like Nigeria’s most outstanding Institution for the year 2019, the best university in entrepreneurship development, amongst several others.

Following JAMB statistical reports, Covenant university is the most selected private university amongst students.

This institution which has four colleges offers courses to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Without a doubt, when considering the top private universities in Nigeria, Covenant University will most likely be amongst the top 5 or at number 1.

6. University of Ilorin

This is an institution of higher learning located in Ilorin, Kwara State and owned by the Federal government of Nigeria.

Unilorin, as it is famously called, occupies a massive land space of about 5000 hectares which is quite notable when compared to other institutions in the country.

Putting that aside, the University of Ilorin is known for its consistency in the number of years allocated for each student’s course study.

For instance, if the course duration for mass communication is 4 years, in Unilorin, a student will most likely not spend more than 4 years, unlike other Government-owned higher institutions in Nigeria, Unilorin does not embark on strikes.

This is due to the fact that Unilorin is presently not part of the Academic Staff Union Of Universities.

Initially, when Unilorin was inaugurated in the year 1975, the institution had just 3 faculties but presently, it now boasts of 15 faculties, some of which are Physical Science, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Education,
Law and Basic Medical Sciences.

I’m quite sure you will agree with us that truly Unilorin deserves to be mentioned amongst the best universities in Nigeria.

7. Obafemi Awolowo University

Obafemi Awolowo University is an institution of higher learning owned and controlled by Nigeria’s Federal Government.

Established in the year 1962 and located in the historic Ile Ife city in Osun State, OAU, as it is popularly called, is considered one of the oldest higher institutions in Nigeria.

At the time of its inauguration, Obafemi Awolowo University had just five faculties but presently, the institution has grown in capacity having a sum of 13 faculties plus two colleges.

Due to its high academic standard, Obafemi Awolowo University is held in high esteem by Nigerians and graduates from this university are often respected greatly in the official world.

Little wonder, students queue massively every year processing admission into this outstanding university.

8. The Federal University of Technology, Minna

This is a higher institution founded in 1983, owned by Nigeria’s Federal Government and situated in Minna, Niger State.

The Federal University Of Technology which specializes in educating students on technology is well known for its huge contribution to the advancement of vaccines and drugs.

This university which is considered a place of excellence in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology presently has 10 faculties which are often called schools in FUTMinna.

In Nigeria, FUTMinna is highly recognized as the number 1 University of Technology, so it will be quite unfair to ignore this outstanding institution.

9. University of Benin (UNIBEN)

Often referred to as UNIBEN, the University Of Benin is an ancient federal university in Nigeria established in 1970 and located in the city of Benin, Edo State.

The University of Benin can be said to be one of the strongest federal universities in Nigeria when it comes to the quality of education it offers its a large number of students.

This institution of higher learning offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses to interested students.

10. Landmark University

This is another private institution in Nigeria worth mentioning in the list of top 10 Nigerian universities.

Just like Covenant University, Landmark University is also owned by the founder of the Living Faith Church also known as Winners.

The university which presently has 3 primary colleges was established in the year 2011 and is situated in Omu-Aran Kwara State.

Recognizing the impact of this institution on its students, Landmark University was listed as one of the top 5 higher institutions in Nigeria by Webometrics in the year 2014.

Through its Entrepreneurship Development Scheme, Landmark gives it’s students the opportunity of practicing skill acquisition.

As a result, many of Landmark students are empowered in areas of Bakery, water production, bead making, fashion design, and other profit yielding enterprises.

So you see Landmark University deserves its place in the top 10 universities in Nigeria.


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