10 Best Nursing School In Nigeria (2021)


The best school of nursing in Nigeria currently are selected to help you in deciding the accurate option for you as you desire to move forward in your academics.

Of course, there are schools all over the states in Nigeria but there are few who give quality, standard and brilliant training with cutting-edge equipment to the students. Now students are no longer worrying about the issue of the limited institutions because of the increasing number of institutions available for you to make the right choice.

So the reason for this write-up is to assist you in choosing the right school of nursing you’ll want to attend and make you a professional in your field of study.

Learning nursing in any part of the world is a perfect goal and also the best school of nursing in Nigeria is a smart move since there might be sufficient tools in learning for proper studying.

In addition to this, it also assists to enhance the wellness program of each and every citizen in a certain country.

There would be appropriate supervision for the ill Individual and those with all kinds of diseases or the other.

So far, here are the schools of Nursing in Nigeria we will be talking about:-

1.Evangelical church winning All school of nursing in Nigeria, Egbe Kogi state.

ECWA happens to be one of the best and sort after school of nursing we have here in Nigeria. It was fully established in November 1992. And then its full accreditation was given later in 2816.

2.School of nursing, Sokoto

The school is familiar to profer good training to aspiring nurses across the country. It is located at in Sokoto.

3.Oyo State College of Nursing and midwifery

The school originated in 1949 and situated at the old Army barracks Eleyele. While too state school of midwifery was established in the year 1954 at Yemetu and it was the first nursing school in Nigeria.

As at the time it was established, no much equipment then but as time went on and new development begins to set in. Things started changing and are the best till now.

4.Sokoto state of college nursing and midwifery.

The is one of the major high institutions of learning in Nigeria to study nursing in the Northern region of the country.

5.School of Nursing, Ogbomosho

The School of Nursing Ogbomoso is an establishment of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. It is also an important arm of the formal Baptist Medical Centre which is now known as Bowen University Teaching Hospital Ogbomoso.

The school is no doubt one of the best schools of nursing not only in Oyo state but in Nigeria. Their professionalism is good and their brand new available equipment to train nurses.

6. Ondo State School of Nursing and Midwifery, Akure

Ondo State School of Nursing and Midwifery is also one of the well thought state-owned schools to study nursing in Nigeria and its location is at Ondo, Akure.

7. Basic School Of Nursing, Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki

Basic school of nursing, federal teaching Hospital. In no doubt, the school is also one of the outstanding nursing schools in Nigeria. It’s located in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state.

8.FCT School of Nursing

FCT School of Nursing is one of the well-respected schools of nursing in Nigeria where health workers get tutored and trained. The school is located at Abuja the capital city of Nigeria.

9.School of Nursing Benin Kebbi

The school is a well-known school for excellence and known to produce the best and well-trained nurses in the profession.It is situated in Kebbi state.

10. Ahmadu Bella University teaching Hospital school of Nursing

This well-liked and approved institution is one of the most acknowledged and standard nursing schools that gives quality nursing training. It is also one of the sought-after institutions because of the professionals involved in training the students. And the excellent performance of the trained students in their field at large.


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