Top 10 Best Partnership Businesses in Nigeria ( 2021/2022)


A partnership is one of the major ways to start up a big project anywhere in the world.

Business Partnerships can be in various ways. It can be effort base, financially, materials, or teaming up together to grow a business.

With the level of corruption in African, Nigeria to be Precise Businesses partnership might not be a good idea.

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Here are few reasons why people do not consider Partnership Businesses in Nigeria.

* Greediness

Whenever businessmen get entrepreneurial plans, they choose to maintain them and function with themselves, so that they can claim they are effective self-made businessmen.

The risk is that the corporate world is complicated one day and you require a helping hand other more. Coming together to form a business chain will easy the establishment.

In bid to scale through tough times, it is important you choose business partner or partners with which you can gain knowledge from in order to make better decisions for your business.

Many businesses are frustrated by the prices and total expenses of running the business from the beginning.

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This need not be the case, though. Since certain businessmen are not willing, they prefer a high-cost business.

To get all on the path, we have put together an option of business ventures and ideas in Nigeria with little start up capital.

Some of The Commons of a good Business Partners is to help you think, to support you in time of need, to assist physically, to persuade you when you feel discouraged, etc.

Top 10 Most Successful Businesses To Start in Nigeria & make a killing

In a partnership business, colleagues are supportive and also contributors, and for the reason, he or she will have an equivalent stake in your organization’s prosperity.

In the first place, it is critical to discover a colleague who shares your enthusiasm and has the same business insight as you.

Your partner brings value to your business in anyways, for the business partnership to be successful.

Let me share with you the Top 10 Best Partnership Businesses in Nigeria (2021)

  1. Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning services is another major business that may need a partnership to managed. We have multiple people with little to no experience operating this kind of business.

If you can handle it properly, the business is extremely competitive. In order to better your investment, you should collaborate with others, to render certain things such as cleanliness for excellent services.

  1. Hotel Business

Hotel business is a hugely lucrative business in Nigeria. It involves full investment and setting up restrooms for visitors, tourist, and people to lodge in temporarily.

This kind of business concept is successful in a far-off region because many patronages would occur.

This takes a significant cost to launch the venture, but it needs often advertising to maintain the company.

Such were the various strategic collaboration concepts for Nigeria.

We have a wide variety of businesses from the medium, big to the companies that require fewer and more money to support them.

To do this, any organization needs to have the confidence to survive and prosper.

  1. Blogging

As the world is getting advanced in this 21st century, online businesses has been one notable business that everyone want to venture into because of it’s profitability.

The rise and services of internet bloggers cannot be commonized.

Blogging is one of the most reliable means of reaching to people through the Internet and make cool cash. It’s not a stressful job if you know your way.


The task of bloggers in blogging involves communicating your emotions, ability and experiences, publishing online journals and articles, all through using a registered website.

While blogging takes maximum effort to get big before you start, you get the best results if you use the right methodology for the makeup.

Some highlighted prerequisites to set up a blogging partnership business include having the zeal for it, writing gadgets, computer devices, 247 internet access, and getting an enabling environment.

  1. Restaurant / Eatery

One of the fastest-growing businesses in Nigeria is the food business. The restaurant business is a very profitable one in Nigeria because food is essential to life.

You have no issue with earning as long as you set every factor right. However, this business not only needs a large degree of funding but also strong planning and management, or it crashes.

You will work with others in other aspects of the market because you are an individual with an already successful talent to operate a restaurant.

  1. Transportation Company

Transportation firms do have tremendous benefit potential. It is the 5th business that may need partnerships in Nigeria.

Most transport companies don’t give attention to enhance because they badly operate and poorly equipped.

You would perform better if you can do proper maintenance. It will help you succeed in this sector and have a strong management team.

  1. School Setup

This is one of most profitable business one can dabbled at. It is needed in every community in Nigeria.

“The more school we have I think the more school we need” zeliom. The major factor here is money, because it cost a lot to Startup school business.

You will have to spend on the construction, buy some necessary materials and do daily maintenance.

You might need a strong financial support, business needs legitimate organization, financing, and associations essentially.

No doubt, that school business stand in the 6th position on the list of top 10 Best Partnership Businesses in Nigeria (2020/2020).

  1. Car Wash

Establishing a Car Wash Center in Nigeria will entail a collaboration as the business has to be established critical because it’s situated in broad streets or common metropolitan centers, where tourists or car drivers will reach it conveniently and wash their vehicles.

In recent, car wash business as been modernised to washing cars with machines so as to fasten their work.

As all businesses requires great subsidizing, proper management, and great associations, the car wash business line is not an exception as it requires all of it.

  1. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming stands in the 8th position on the list of the top 10 Best Partnership Businesses in Nigeria.

The business makes considerable profits, but it’s a kind of intensive business that also requires hard work and consistency.

However, the returns on investment are high. But investment returns are small. You may acquire a partner who spends in finance or expertise to create tremendous money.

  1. Sachet Water Production (Pure Water)

The production of sachet water business is an extraordinary set up that is good for both sole proprietor and partnership.

The whole pure water company needs money before it starts and thrives and must be handled properly.

You need a factory, some machines and a reliable water source with workers to make a start up in this business. It is the 9th on our list of best partnership business in Nigeria.

  1. Restaurant / Food Canteen

Restaurant is another business to make money from when you have strong determination. The business is a very profitable and generally accepted anywhere in the country.

You have no problem with making earnings as long as you set your priorities right.

This enterprise, however, needs strong administration and management, otherwise the company would crash.


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