Best Rated Comedians in Nigeria (2021)


We know those comedians in Nigeria are hilarious but not everyone can make you laugh. The comedy industry has seen the rise to stardom of many talented young talents. We’ll concentrate more on the seasoned comics who are regarded as the best and inspiring for the young.

Just like music comedy is life. Humour relieves stress and make us bounce back on our feet when our mood is down.

There are lots of funny actors, Instagram comedians and master of ceremonies in Nigeria but not all as good as the people I’m about to list on this post.

The comedy industry is a very big one and these comedians Rake a huge amount of money performing at concerts hosting shows and the rest.

Those talented Nigerian comedians are incredibly funny, from the Nights of a Thousand Laughs, the AY Live series, Crack Ya Ribs, to Stand Up Nigeria. They’re not only Nigeria’s top best comedians but also the industry’s richest.

Here are the best comedians in Nigeria

1. Ali Baba

He is known as Comedy’s Nigerian King. He is one of several Nigeria’s leaders in the comedy industry. He helped train a great majority of other major players that we know in the comedy industry.

His jokes are often aimed at Nigeria’s big men and politicians. He started his comedy career with corporate events, with the likes of Patrick Doyle, Charly Boy and Danladi Bako featuring on television shows.

He has also made guest appearances with Bisi Olatilo, Sani Irabor and Mani Onumonmu on radio shows. In 1991, he also briefly worked as administrative assistant with Dapo Adelegan of DP Lekki Limited.

His Residence In Lekki is priced at more than N400 million and its appearance fee per display is within the N4-6 million Naira range.

He is also a successful businessman and twice a week, he gets show calls. The net worth of Ali Baba’s total assets tops N3 billion Naira, and earns N400 million from shows alone annually.

2. Basket mouth

His real name is Bright Okpocha and now he has redefined the comedy industry through his own specific brand, widely known by his stage name as Basket mouth. At the moment he’s probably the best comedian in Nigeria.

He is also an ambassador for Nigeria’s telecommunication service, GLO, and also for a betting site, SureBet 247. He is also the CEO, Barons World Entertainment which organizes most of Nigeria’s top shows.

Basket mouth was born in the State of Lagos but is from the State of Abia, Nigeria. He finished his primary and secondary school in Apapa, Lagos, and proceeded to the University of Benin, Edo State, where he studied sociology and anthropology for a diploma.

He discovered his drumming skills in 1991 and then began rapping in 1994. He then founded a group named “Da Psychophats” which had 7 members and in 1995 they began going for shows and rapping, but they split up before any music was released.

Its Net Worth is estimated at more than N3 billion. He gets around 150 million naira from sponsorship deals and more than one hundred million from shows. He is happily married to two daughters.

3. I Go Dye

He’s one of the best in the game. His real name is Francis Agoda but his stage name “I Go Dye” is generally known. His warri accent and comedy style is just one of those aspects that makes him entertaining.

He is a groundbreaking Nigerian comedian. He is a motivational speaker, writer and crusader on the social stage. He has also continued to foster world peace and child protection through his artistry. He has produced many comedy shows around the world.

He is also a businessman as he owns Revamp Building, a construction company that deals with real estate and road development. His annual take-home is about 350 million and 300 million with a total assets worth more than 2 billion.

4. Julius Agwu

Julius Agwu has been in the spotlight of the entertainment business and comedy industry since the advent of comedy in Nigeria, making him and Alibaba one of the pioneers of the comedy industry.

The Julius fee is within the range of 2-4 million Naira per series. He is also Real Laff Entertainment’s CEO who plans comedy shows at both Crack Your Ribs and Laugh For Christ Sake.

Such shows give him approximately 145 million naira per year. Its cumulative assets in Nigeria valued at 1.5 billion Naira minus other landed property.

5. Ayo Makun a.k.a AY

Perhaps the country’s best comedian is Ayo Makun, widely known as AY with his stage name. He recently starred “30 Days In Atlanta” in a hit film that was rated as the most lucrative in Nigeria and abroad, which helped to boost his net worth.

He was the very first Male child born and raised in Delta State from a family of seven from Ifon, Ondo county, AY.

He had a rather modest and unpretentious beginning in the NiAyo Makun stepped into the spotlight after becoming personal assistant and event planner for Alibaba Akporobome.

A.Y also wrote “A.Y cable” in The Sun (Nigeria) as a guest columnist, and “laugh mattaz” for Gbenga Adeyinka.gerian comedy scene, parlaying his charisma and talent to a promising career.

His annual AY Live show takes him about 160 million Naira, and charges 1-2 million for each series. He holds about 200 million annually and other approval sales, and has a net worth of over 800 million naira. He is passionate about vehicles and has property spread across Nigeria.

AY has become the ‘boss’ of many emerging acts and well-established acts in the industry via the monthly AY’s Open Mic Challenge held at The National Theater, Lagos every third Sunday.

6. Bovi

Bovi is a comedian, movie actor, and Nigerian writer from Nigeria’s Delta State. He has organized famous stand-up comedy shows around the globe, including ‘Bovi Man on Fire’. In April 2007, Bovi started his career starring in the sitcom Extended Family, that he also wrote and produced.

The series was very successful, and by 2008 Bovi was a dominant force in Nigerian comedy shows and events.

He’s the best at the moment because he’s made his fortune out of shows, adverts, and events. He’s also on the contemporary list of the best comedians we have in Nigeria.


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