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The TOEFL exam is an international English language standard for academic and professional purposes. If you are looking to study in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the UK, it’s important to take this exam. As more U.S. colleges require TOEFL scores for admission, many students are looking online to find the best TOEFL classes which will help them prepare for this

The TOEFL is a standardized test which is used to determine a student’s level of English proficiency. It is required for a student to be considered for admission to any U.S. college, and it must be taken before they can enroll in classes. More and more universities are requiring this test as their sole criteria, but the problem is that the cost of this test doesn’t come with many options.

We have discussed briefly what TOEFL is, let’s now look at the 10 best TOEFL online classes in 2022. We have so many online classes but we would narrow of search to the best 10 TOEFL online classes for 2021

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There are lots of ways of preparing for the TOEFL test, but few offer as much value and convenience as Magoosh. Their comprehensive course offers you 100% access to all of their resources on an online platform that’s really easy to use.

Magoosh is an online resource for high-quality TOEFL prep courses. It offers a variety of courses, from short videos to full courses, tailored to a student’s needs and time constraints. Magoosh also offers free diagnostic tests and individualized lessons for students who need extra help.

Magoosh is a leading provider of online preparation material for students planning to take the GRE, GMAT, SAT, and ACT exams. The site offers over 4,000 lessons and instant help tools that include diagnostic tests and individualized lessons.

Here are the top platforms for online TOEFL preparatory classes.


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Udemy is another powerful online resource when it comes to you preparing for your TOEFL exams.

When it comes to preparing for your TOEFL exams, it is important to be able to practice. There are many resources out there that can help with this and Udemy is one of them. It has a variety of courses that cover all aspects of the TOEFL exam and its certification process.

Many students are preparing for their TOEFL exams. There are many resources out there that can help with this and Udemy is one of them. It has a variety of courses that range from beginner to expert level.

Udemy is an online learning platform with over 100,000 courses on a variety of topics. Users can take video courses and do exercises at their own pace. There are many great introductory courses like “TOEFL: Practice Tests and Strategies” and “TOEFL: Reading and Listening.”


The ETSx TOEFL prep course is not only affordable but it’s also one of the most comprehensive for exam preparation. The course material is written by the very people who’ve developed, administered, and scored the TOEFL exam.

The ETSx TOEFL prep course is designed to be affordable and more importantly, high-quality. The course is created by the people at the Educational Testing Service (ETS) who make the TOEFL test itself. This means that all of the content aligns with what you’ll encounter on the real exam. The course also includes a variety of resources – from online videos to downloadable PDFs.


Try our free TOEFL practice tests for a chance to win a monthly prize! You can keep your newly-learned English skills up, have the opportunity to improve your score, and maybe even walk away with significant scholarship funds from TestDEN.

The best thing about signing up for TestDEN’s free TOEFL practice tests is the chance to become a randomly selected monthly winner for the full online course. Not only will you be able to practice for free, but you will also have the opportunity to win the full course!

Whether you win or buy the course, you will have access to free TOEFL practice tests for 6 months. These are timed, graded & come with detailed answers.

Check what the creator of these online course is saying;

Hello, my name is Harold. I’m a student at a top-tier international university and I’m currently studying for the TOEFL exam. The TOEFL exam can be really hard to study for because there are many different things to cover and it’s difficult to know where to start. That’s why I created this course as a way of helping people like me who want to do well.


Jaime Miller Advising

Jaime Miller offers a diverse range of TOEFL practice programs for those who need S26 or W24, including first-time and serial test takers. All prep methods are supported by physical “learning kits” that create a structured, old-school environment.

TOEFL prep has never been easier. There are a variety of resources available to help you prepare for this exam. The test is offered in both paper and computer formats, meaning there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a first-time or serial test taker, there are many resources available to help you prepare for this exam.

The GMAT is a test offered in both paper and computer formats, meaning there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a first-time or serial test taker, there are many resources available to help you prepare.

The Princeton Review

TOEFL tutoring with the Princeton Review lets you get 1-on-1 instruction from an expert tutor. You get 18 hours of personalized instruction plus progress meetings to see your improvement.

The TOEFL is the de facto standard for English-language tests internationally. The Princeton Review offers 1-on-1 tutoring to help you succeed on this critical test. You’ll get 18 hours of personalized instruction and progress meetings to monitor your progress and make sure you’re on track.

Many students benefit greatly from one-on-one instruction with expert tutors. The Princeton Review’s TOEFL Comprehensive Private Tutoring package delivers 18 hours of personalized instruction, plus 3 hours of video tutoring with a top tutor.


The 3-month Kaplan TOEFL review course is perfect for people who are running out of time. This program leads you through the process of answering all four sections of the test which are reading, writing, listening, & speaking.”

The course, which is available for $299, will teach you how to practice and master the skills needed to score well on your test. This includes lessons and drills for reading, listening and speaking as well as help with essay writing

With access to over 190 video lessons and 4 mock exams that are expertly corrected, you’ll have plenty of tools at your disposal. A physical textbook is also included with tips on TOEFL exam-taking and more practice questions to supplement your learning goals.

With the help of this course, you can learn how to write for academic purposes. You will find that the course is not only affordable, but also effective.


BestMyTest offers more than 20 full-length TOEFL practice exams alongside an easy to follow 3-step self-studying guide. It makes it easier for you to explore all aspects of the test and do well.

With 20 full-length practice tests, BestMyTest TOEFL Tutor’s 3-Step Self Studying Guide would make it easier for you to master challenging sections. It includes a set of English grammar rules and exercises, online quizzes, and vocabulary.

Based on your full diagnostic test’s results, you can strengthen the weaker points of your vocabulary and grammar by completing up to 200 lessons and reviewing over 2,000 flashcards.

You can use LearnSmart to diagnose your current strengths and weaknesses. Based on this diagnostic test, you will know which lessons and flashcards you should complete to improve on those particular skills. As a result, you will receive up to 200 lessons and 2,000 flashcards that are organized in the platform for you to review whenever you like.

E2 Language Test Prep

If you are swamped with work but know exactly what you need for language prep, you can use an E2 Language TOEFL package to compress your prep time.

Sometimes you are seeking a course that seems perfect for your needs but it is understandably hard to find the right one. The E2 Language TOEFL package has been designed with everything you need for your TOEFL exam prep. It includes vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension and listening skills courses as well as practice tests all on one platform.

Upgrading to a 6-month Express or Express Plus plan saves you money with valuable extras, from an online course with live classes & practice questions to methods lessons.

Here you have it the list of the best TOEFL online classes in 2022, those who might have been having issues with writing the TOEFL exam these resources will be of great help and also aid your success in the TOEFL exam. Kindly help share this write up with your social media networks for those who might need this information.


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