Best Wedding Invitation SMS Examples


You will agree with me that a wedding ceremony is one of the most essential celebrations in life as marriage is a beautiful thing and it is more honorable if it is commenced formally with several witnesses in attendance Sharing the couple’s joy and making merriment.

As it is the norm, the intending couple and their parents usually desire the presence of their friends and loved ones in celebrating the new life of the couples.

For intending couples who may be struggling with how to send beautiful wedding invitation messages to friends and loved ones.


Nice Wedding Invitation Messages

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Below lies a good number of wedding invitation messages you can pick from.

  • My lovely friend I definitely cannot forget about you on my special day I really hope that you will be around for my wedding ceremony.
  • we invite you to be a special guest at our wedding ceremony we look forward to seeing you on this our great day.
  • With all of our hearts, we sincerely plead for your presence and that of your family at our wedding ceremony. Come and bless us as we begin a new life.
  • Dear lovely friends, we invite you to the amazing wedding ceremony of our offsprings. We promise to make this an unforgettable experience for you.
  • We are so pleased to invite you, fantastic friends to the wedding ceremony of our son who is about to commence a new sphere of life with his wife.
  • My super friend, I will be extremely glad to have you close by on the most important day of my life- the day I will be getting married to my heartthrob.
  • Dear friends, I will really appreciate your presence on my special occasion which is my wedding with the love of my life without you guys this wedding ceremony will be incomplete
  • I will be so happy if you come and celebrate this exciting occasion together with me as I say yes to my darling.
  • My darling brother I want to sincerely ask that you join us as we celebrate the beginning of our new journey of love.
  • we invite you to rejoice with us as we take the next important step in our relationship, we assure you the wedding will be worth your attendance.
  • We officially invite you to our soon coming wedding ceremony, to celebrate the love story of two amazing persons even as we tie the knot.
  • Please join us in the solemnization of our holy matrimony which will take place next weekend. Your presence will definitely be appreciated.
  • My beautiful friend I will love to have you around on my wedding day, as you have witnessed different stages and challenges in my life please come so you can also rejoice with me.
  • Dear amazing friends we ask that you make yourselves available on our big day – our wedding day, your presence will be highly acknowledged.
  • We truly desire that you should be in attendance as we launch into the next phase of our relationship. Our wedding will be coming up on the third Saturday.


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