8 Best Weight Gain Supplements in Nigeria


There are several people ranging from housewives to students who significantly seek for ways to gain weight very fast and in an healthy way.

Truly, it is so pleasant to receive lovely compliments from friends and acquaintances around you or even on the social media. Compliments like: “You look so amazing”, you have such a lovely body shape”.

Especially as a lady you may desire to look healthy, attractive and bodily may and that is quite understandable.

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Even as a man, your thoughts on how to increase your size and healthily boost your presence is well understood.

These and more are the reasons we have compiled a list of supplements which you can take to help increase your body size while you remain healthy.

Meanwhile, be aware that there are basically no supplements without side effects.

1. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Gainer Protein Powder

This Is one among the several weight gain supplements that are simply a perfect source of calories. The composition of a remedy contains various protein sources so it gives you far more proteins and calories that you simply got to bulk up.

When you apply this with some other natural elements that has high-calorie content, your weight will surely increase really fast.

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With its high load of Vitamins, this type of weight gain pills helps you to get your desired weight size in such a healthy way by filling up for your daily nutritional needs.

And in case you are so concerned about the flavourings, these supplements does not contain added sugar.

2. Amino 3000

On the list of top weight gain supplements, Amino 3000 occupies the second position.

This supplement has an outstanding quality amongst other supplements you will find in the market when speaking of supplement components.
It gives you Amino acid and branched chain of Amino Acids other wise known as BCAA.

The following are the advantages of this unique Product:

First, it has a Balanced composition;
Secondly, its level of effectiveness is very high
Lastly, this product is processed hygienically.

After going through the high health benefits of this supplement, You must be wondering how much it costs in Nigeria. The price of Amino 3000(100 Capsules) is about N15450 in Nigerian currency.

3. Appeton

This is an effective high protein formula which has been medically checked and verified to help boost body weight in a healthy way.

Some of the advantages of this product are:

It can be absorbed and digested
It helps increase weight fast
It has the proper element of Amino acid
Little wonder this product is one of the most popular supplements in Nigeria.


4. Cypri Gold For Weight Gain

For females who desire to gain weight quickly, Cypri Gold syrup is a very good supplement because it is specifically made to give you all the important nutrients your body needs to make strong immune system and blood cells that are healthy.

This product has been tested and verified to be a good remedy as it contains Cyproheptadine which helps to improve appetite.

5. Apetamin

This is arguably one of the best supplements for women for desire to gain weight really quick and healthily.

This supplement contains vital elements like Cyproheptadine, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E including other minerals that helps to boost your appetite and help you to add weight.

Truly, this is an amazing way to add weight quickly.

The following are the key advantages of this superb supplement:
First, it helps to stimulate appetite
Secondly, it helps to boost your immune system
Finally, in case you are wondering how much this unique supplement is, it goes for an affordable price of N6800(200ml bottle) in Nigeria.

6. Creatine Powder

This supplement gives your muscles the highest quality and most medically approved kind of micronized creatine.
Creatine helps to increase thin muscles in order to get strength and endurance

Creatine directly helps your muscle by providing it with all it needs to perform adequately.

Although, creatine can naturally be found in fish and meat, but taking the supplement is a necessity if you desire to add weight.

7. Weight gainers

This is a kind of supplement made to perfectly assist you in gaining more protein and calories.

They are basically used by those individuals who find it hard to gain weight.

It can be quite hard for some people to realize muscle fast, even when taking in much amounts of calories and lifting heavy weights.

However, weight gainers are only recommended for those who are struggling to eat sufficient food needed for their desired body weight.

8. Whey Protein

According to research, whey protein which is usually gotten from milk helps to increase the growth of muscles when taken before or after a workout.

When you take a whey protein as supplement, it basically boosts your thin muscle and gives you strength.

The rich quality which can be found in whey protein are leucine and all the vital Amino acids that promotes growth.

Interestingly, this supplement is quite affordable and can be purchased online.


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    Can cypri gold and apetamin be taken together

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    Thanks so much,it was helpful

  3. Adesola says

    Where can I see permanent weight gainner to buy in Nigeria
    How much ?

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