Top 10 Women Fashion Brands In The World (2021)


Women are regarded as the salt of the world. Truth be told maybe without women the world would have been so bored and will be one-sided. But with the inclusion of females had helped to balance Mankind.

We all know the saying that says what a man can do a woman can do better and vice versa. Nakedness is common to man from the days of Adam and Eve. Since the innovation came and they started putting on the cloth to cover their Nakedness.

This gives a purpose to dressing and covering our nakedness. Some ladies love to beat the class by appearing stunning. This implies that, as the world is growing, actions developed and different brands are leading when it comes to women’s fashion.

There are over a million brands for women In Nigeria alone, there are several or diverse brands in the country.

In this article, we would be looking at the top 10 female fashion brands globally. Knowing fully well that the global market has been saturated with different female brands from Gucci to Nike, Adidas, and many more but we would be looking at the brands that are most sought after between the year 2020 and 2021 and this will be the basis for this article.

1. Weekday

Weekday is a brand from the Swedish retailer that is mostly recognized for launching the brand of pieces of denim known as Cheap Monday. They also have the brand swamping clothing store which also makes the Urban Outfitters and Barneys in the United States.

Although this store has been now acquired by H&M they still selling various types of women’s clothing that are branded yet not pricey such as Filippa K and Acne. Their stores also have a separate vintage section to boast of. Weekday is a brand loved by women and as such gained a number in our top 10 list for female brands globally.

2. American Apparel

American Apparel is another big brand store that was established by Dov Charney who is a very respected entity when it comes to business and fashion generally.

American apparel boasts items like sheer skirts and silky slacks and it offers the best prices under this brand.

Their price point is affordable and they sell basics that are unique all season round. The design has come to stay as ladies now see it as one of the most preferred brands.

A lot of persons see the brand as unique and the price is not too expensive. It stands in the second position among the top 10 female brands.

3. GAP

GAP was founded in the year 1969 and was known as Levi’s and records. It is the first of its kind to sell clothing under its brand name to middle-class U.S citizens.

This brand has now emerged as the biggest clothing retailer in the world selling pants that fit.

4. UrbanOutfitters

UrbanOutfitters clothing brand started in Philadelphia in the year 1970 and was well known as The Free People’s Store. The brand has been regarded as a haven for students looking for trendy, cute, and kitschy clothing.

5. H&M

H&M stands in the 5th position on the list. This clothing brand needs no introduction as it has been in existence for over six decades in 1947 to be precise.

The brand was founded by Hennes and Mauritz. Its appeal is global in the business of women’s clothing.

Ladies love this brand and apart from this, their collection is top-notched as having their brands in your wardrobe can change the whole fashion sense and outfit of a woman.

6. Uniqlo

Uniqlo is another brand that is close to GAP as a brand. In fact, some say they go head to head. This is because it also sells beautiful and colorful materials which are captivating and attractive like Gap not forgetting its durability.  The clothes are created in a way that they look more sophisticated and expensive than they actually and unique. They have women wears like button-downs, suits, blazers, etc.

Uniqlo has made a name over the years, they are known for excellence. This is Jol Sander’s clothing collection band.

7. Zara

Zara is a common, rugged beautiful Spanish brand that has made its mark all across the globe. Zara is very popular and females love it. This is one strong reason why it made it to our top 10 female brands in the world list.

Zara is a designer that cuts across all races and countries, unlike some brands that are segmented or segregated.

8. COS

This is another big-name brand. The Collection and Styles here are owned by H&M. Cos stands in the 8th position on our top 10 Women Fashion Brands in The World.

Their style among other brands is known for being refined with well-edited drawings. Making hundreds of European women shop at its outlets. Their clothing line is most likely the most perfect piece one can own.

9. Crew

The Crew is another unique and distinct brand even though it is known to be making clothing for all gender. However, they have a department that performs a study line offering clothes to women who revere fashion but are not tied down by its overcharging form.

This is one of the best brands in the fashion world. It has given women brand a new look ever since its inception in the year 1970.

10. NIKE

Nike is one of the oldest brands when it comes to fashion. Although it is a brand for males and females, its design has made it Imperative for ladies to wear.

The involvement of ladies like Serena Williams and more has made the brand a unique one. No doubt it made the top 10 female fashion brands in the world.


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