Top 10 Biggest Sectors and Industries in Nigeria (2021)

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There are quite a number of businesses that are moving today. We will talk extensively about a few of them.

Below are lists of some of the biggest sectors and industries in Nigeria:

• Catfish farming companies
• Food processing companies
• ICT Companies
• Real estate Companies
• Poultry business
• Bottle/ Sachet water producing Companies
• Haulage and outsourcing Companies
• Oil and gas companies
• Rice production and packaging companies
• Palm oil producing etc.

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Real estate deals with land and any equipment on it, it is the interest and tight you have towards land. Until you see real estate as a business, as a means of income then you haven’t started at all. Real estate is a way of creating wealth.

Real estate is a solution to an existing problem or a problem that will still exist, before you can see real estate as a business, you have to first understand that it is problem-solving. You have to see real estate as a problem that solutions need to be proffered for.

Real estate is one of the most secure forms of investing, it can never perish. It is appreciable and tangible. Real estate can be done without your money, you don’t necessarily need to start looking for start-up capital before starting it.


This is the process of rearing catfish from the stage when they are fingerlings till when they are matured to the weight that has been intended. You make your money by selling it out to wholesalers, retailers, and even consumers. Most companies that are into this are seriously moving forward.

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This is the process of converting raw materials from Agricultural produce into finished or semi-finished foods in a way that makes it edible to be consumed.

Food processors are also involved in the storage of food to make it available all year round without spoiling.


This is the application of knowledge gotten from information technology, communication technology into solving human problems.

It involves inventing and introducing different products that will make life easier for man.



This is the process of rearing birds for their meat and for their by-products like eggs, feathers used in the production of pillow, and also they can be sold for money. You just need to set up a poultry farm, with different species of poultry birds using the best method of poultry farming that best suits you.


These are companies that process palm kernels into oil palm hereby making palm oil available for various household and industrial uses.


Rice is an increasingly important crop in many nations of the world, including Nigeria.
Infact, rice is regarded as one of the most important food in Nigeria as they are often prepared in different ways but for same purpose of consumption.

We have different kinds of rice milk, some of which are:-
*Dangote rice mill
*Kwara rice mill, just to mention a few.


Haulage and outsourcing companies are companies that transport goods from one place to another, they also help to carry raw goods from one state to the other.

And sometimes, they convey cars and other nonperishable goods from one state or location to another. They deal mostly in the transportation business.


These companies are into the production and packaging of water. They don’t just package any type of water but clean water for the consumption of Nigerians.

The package in bottles and sachet, mostly done in a pure water factory or company. It’s one of the best moving companies in Nigeria.

To start this company, you need to seek knowledge from those who are already in the business, you need a good amount of money as capital, you must be ready to give society, quality water and be ready to go through some legal processes.


Oil and gas company are involved in the production of oil and gas. It’s one of the best companies one can venture into, for the purposes of creating job opportunities, meeting the needs of the citizens, and of course for profit making. In Nigeria, most people can not do without buying gas or oil as they are both essential in our daily lives.

We hope with this article, we have been able to inform you about the best moving companies we have in Nigeria.


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