How to prepare a scrumptious Bitterleaf soup


Have you ever tasted bitter leaf soup? If No, trust me, it is what you will ever want after you have a taste. Bitter leaf soup is usually stocked with meat, fish, and cocoyams.

The name is quite misleading; you can tend to think that it is a bitter soup. One will be seen as a bad cook if there are any traces of bitterness, so therefore; wash the leaf thoroughly and change the water afterward.

We are in the mood to take something warm you can serve it with your favorite swallow and enjoy.

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Well, there might be something you don’t know about bitter leaf apart from using it for cooking. It is rarely used for other things because people are unaware of its health benefits.

The sad part of it is that whenever it is used for cooking, almost all the nutrients get washed away off the leaves, even the ones that are leftover I lost to the cooking process, therefore just leaving a minute portion of its richness 4l consumption. Although bitter leaf has a sour taste and most people can’t, we stand the taste.

Bitter leaves treat malaria typhoid tuberculosis gallstones kidney disease cancer lowering of hypertension, and the list goes on and on.

It relieves stomach ache: all you have to do is to pound the fresh leaves in a mortar pound it, add a pinch of salt to three spoons of the undiluted juice and drink, and then drink it.

It’s fight prostate cancer: the bitter leaf is perfect for this ailment. It will increase the flow of urine and reduces the pain as well as regulate the spread of the cell.

Insomnia: a person suffering from this ailment finds it difficult to sleep at night. Drink two glasses of bitter leaf solution every night, and we experienced a calmness that comes with sleeping and relaxing.

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It enhances fertility: detoxification power of bitter leaf helps prevent the pollution of the antibodies that fight diseases initiate your tissue repair and regeneration, which boosts the chances of pregnancy among women who are finding it difficult to conceive.

It tackles pneumonia: This is a lung inflammation disease caused by bacteria you can calculate by taking a warm juice of bitter leaf three times a day for a month.

Bitter Leaf Soup Recipes

  1. Washed and squeezed bitter leaf
  2. Smoked or dry fish red palm oil
  3. Assorted beef
  4. Pepper, salt and crayfish
  5. Cocoyam
  6. Locust Beans

Before you cook the bitter leaf soup

  1. It is advisable to wash the bitter leaves thoroughly without any trace of bitterness.
  2. If the bitterness can’t be washed off, boil it for about 15 minutes and wash in cold water.
  3. Wash the cocoyam and boil the cocoyam, peel it.

Cooking Direction

  1. Soak the stockfish in hot water to soften
  2. Season and boil the assorted meat are the stuffed fish and dry fish and allow them to boil for 10 minutes.
  3. Add palm oil, crayfish, dry pepper, and cook.
  4. Cover the pot leave it for some minutes.
  5. Mashup the cocoyam till there are no traces of lumps.
  6. Add the bitter leaf, Maggi, and salt.

Serve with; Garri (Eba), Semo, Fufu, Amala, Pounded Yam.



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