Top 10 Bulk SMS Service Providers in Nigeria


The major difference between sending text messages from your phone and using bulk SMS service provider is that when using a bulk SMS service, your messages will be sent through the Internet at a high speed depending on the service provider you are patronizing.

A bulk SMS service provider is a perfect solution for your business’s mobile marketing, as it helps you to acquire more customers in order to be ahead of your competitors.

For your perfect advantage, we have listed in this article the top 10 Bulk SMS service providers that will do a lot of good to your business.

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Bulk SMS Service Providers in Nigeria

The interesting thing about this piece is the different Bulk SMS service providers have a variety of price ranges and benefits which will definitely help you choose the best for your kind of business.

1. Bulk SMS Nigeria

Nigeria’s foremost and leading bulk SMS service provider, BulkSMS Nigeria Company has over 12 years of experience in the telemarketing industry.

Our success can be attributed to our dedication to offering high-quality services across all fields. Nonetheless, we don’t allow this to influence prices; a trait that helped us remain as one of Africa’s most affordable bulk SMS providers for more than 10 years!

We understand how important “DND or Do not Disturb” is with regular users like you so let me explain what it is about: DND means “Do Not Disturb”. This feature allows subscribers on network operators (Nigerian telecom companies) such as MTN, Airtel etc., who subscribe to premium packages.

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2. X wireless. Net:

This company has been in the market for quite some time.
It has a lovely interface design that is highly comprehensive. Asides this, also gives customers the opportunity of sending bulk SMS on excel sheet which contains messages and contacts.

Good enough, the price charged can be as low as N0.89 per SMS that is for a number between 1 to 9,999 and a lower price of N0.73 fora lesser volume of SMS.

3. SMS Live 247:

This medium helps you to send bulk SMS with a good speed while you are required to pay as low as 1.35 naira per unit of SMS.

4. Gold SMS 247:

This company gives you the privilege of purchasing SMS for a price as little as 82koboso per SMS.

5. BulkSMSNigeria:

This is a well-known bulk SMS provider in the nation with a huge user base.

Als,o it has a high ranking in Nigeria and a wide range of payment options.

6. Smskernel

This bulk SMS service provider is part of this list because it has a very quick message delivery feature when you send a Bulk SMS through this medium, it doesn’t delay for minutes, in seconds your message will be delivered to the receiver.

Also, the responsive design of this company fits in even on low-end phones and the interface design is user-friendly and comprehensive.

Furthermore, this company usually sends text messages to its customers in order to pass relevant information.

When you use Smskernel, you will be offered 5 SMSs units as soon as you register so that you can test their service before purchasing from them.

This company charges N1 per message without charging you any additional fee, here you can also access reseller package at an affordable rate.

Lastly, you can pay for your order through the use of your debit card without much stress.



When it comes to good quality and a brand you can trust to deliver, Bulk SMS is a well-known bulk SMS company in Nigeria that you can completely trust to deliver your message.

There are several Nigerian companies who often use Bulk SMS.

It has a very clean and comprehensive interface design. The design is also highly responsive though it is not advisable for low-end phones the time duration at which they deliver is perfect which makes it worth using.

Amongst several Bulk SMS online service providers, Ebulksms is known to have one of the most advanced features.

However, as we all know that good thing are not always cheap, Ebulksms is quite expensive when compared to the other SMS service providers.


This company has actually been in this bulk SMSs market for quite a long time and there are many companies that subscribe to them.

Their interface is quite easy to understand but their design is not as responsive as other companies.

This company gives the first time customer 3 free SMSs after registration in order to see how good their service is.

Asides that mobile delivers messages at a high speed, they also give their customers the option of sending scheduled messages, which are messages that are meant for future dates.

Lastly, this company charges N2.00 to the Glo network and N1.70 to Mtn, Airtel,l, and Etisalat network.


This bulk SMS provider has an outstanding interface design although the process of registration for new users can be quite tough.

Here you can simply top up your SMS unit through the use of a recharge card.

Also, you will be given 2unitst as soon as you register.

However, with its 1.8 unit charge permits, this provider is considered very expensive yet if you want a quality service and quick delivery of your bulk SMS, you should consider this bulk SMS provider.

10. Yugosms

Yugosms is highly considered one of the easiest bulk SMS providers one can use despite the fact that the company’s website is not quite friendly for every screen type, yet it’s service makes it worth been listed amongst the top bulk SMS providers in Nigeria for these reasons:

First, bulk messages sent through this medium delivers fast without delay.

Also, this company gives it’s new customers 2 units and to confirm their service after registration.

Furthermore, they present the customers with the option of paying through the use of ATM or through their account while customers are ordering for SMS.

Lastly, they have a very reasonable bulk SMS charge.

11. Speedwaysms

Speedway SMS is a very reliable bulk SMS provider as it helps individuals to send bulk SMS across the country with very high speed.

Once you click on the send button you can be sure that your message will deliver in seconds.

Also, Speedway SMS gives its customers the privilege of buying SMS online through the use of ATM cards or paying directly into the company’s account and they usually assure customers that within 12 hours, the user’s account will be credited.


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