How to Perform cardless withdrawal on Access Bank ATM


There have been some technological advancements people can withdraw money from POS or ATM machines without their cards.

A cardless withdrawal technology started operation two years ago in the US when the announcement was made to Wells Fargo bank customers that they could withdraw without their debit card at ATM machines.

This technology allows customers that use smartphones to withdraw their money at any ATM point in the country without using their debit card. Customers are only required to put in the ATM PIN number and a code.

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So you can do this by getting a unique code from your commercial Bank via your phone try using mobile banking app or text message which will be required for you to verify your cash withdrawal at the ATM machine.

Cardless withdrawal technology became relevant in Nigeria in 2017 though it was unpopular and to date it’s not yet in Vogue.

Most Banks make use of withdrawal transactions but let’s take a look at access bank Nigeria.

Access Bank PLC is a Nigerian multinational commercial Bank that is solely owned by access bank group. It is licensed to operate in Nigeria the national banking regulator called Central Bank of Nigeria.


Steps to perform a cardless withdrawal;

Access bank offers this cardless transaction service through their banking USSD code – *903#.

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  • Dial *903# from your mobile phone and select “Withdraw Money” option
  • Select the “ATM Withdrawal” option.
  • Enter the Amount and validate the transaction with your PIN.
  • You will receive a transaction code for successful withdrawal.
  • Keep the code and visit any of our nearest ATM
  • Press ‘0’ to perform a cardless withdrawal.
  • Select Access Money and Input your Phone number, Amount Initiated, and the transaction code received and select continue.
  • Collect your cash from the ATM.

What is the maximum amount on Cardless withdrawal?

However, the maximum withdrawal amount using ATM via cardless withdrawal transaction it’s from 20000 to 150000.

You can always generate your pin code through any ATM machine in Nigeria that has a cardless withdrawal feature.

You can also share your pic code but a third party if they need to withdraw money which of your sleep means you will need to send your cash out PIN and the amount.

That same pay code could also be used in payment for purchased goods and services at different outlets where there are cardless enabled POS.


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