How to make cardless withdrawal on GT Bank


I start by saying this, who said that you can’t withdraw without ATM card. But you can. It’s not every time that one must go about with his/her ATM card. And probably if one forgets it at home, do not panic.

There are steps you will follow and with your mobile phone, you can withdraw money from any GTB ATM machine.

Now let’s see how to withdraw money At GTbank ATM without ATM card. This is called cardless withdrawals. I will give you the directions below.

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There are three ways you can do that’

  • USSD code
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking.

How To Use USSD code And Withdraw Money  At GTbank ATM Without ATM Card

  1. First of all dial *737# on the phone number that you use to open your account and you use to receive an alert. You will see options.
  2. Click the option that states cardless, then you will see cardless withdrawal- Gtbank{GT Rescue} and Pay code
  3. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw and click OK.
  4. Then enter the last four digits of your GTB ATM card. When you do this you will receive  an SMS alert of 12 digits.

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Go to any GTB ATM machine near you.

  1. Press enter on the machine
  2. Click on GTMMoney
  3.  The 12 digits sent you through SMS put it.
  4. Enter the account registered phone number.
  5. Put the amount requested
  6. Then the ATM  machine will request for your 4 digits and ref. enter them
  7. Click on withdraw cash

And your money will be dispensed immediately. You will be charged #50 for this service and the code sent to you expires after 24 hours.

How To Use Internet Banking For Card Less Withdrawal.

1.Log on to your GTB internet banking account and select GTRescue, click new request.

2. Fill the GTRescue form and authenticate your cash out by entering a unique token code and click submit.


3. a message with cash out amount and withdrawal reference number will be displayed.

4. The generated reference number will be sent to the registered phone number that you use to open your account and email.

5. Visit any GTbank ATM machine and press any key.

6. Select GTRescue on the ATM and enter the withdrawal reference no.

7. Input your registered phone number.

8. then the last four digits of the reference number.

9. Put the cash out amount.

10. Your transaction is completed and cash is dispensed.


 Mobile Banking And How To Use It For Card Less Withdrawal.

And here what you do is this. You have to request to activate mobile banking for cardless withdrawal.

  1. Request for Cardless service and you will be given USER ID.
  2. With your android phone download  GT online banking app called GT World.
  3. After that login with your USER ID and PASSWORD.
  4. Move down the page for cardless withdrawal option and click it.
  5. Click on cash-out GTbank  ATM option.
  6. Complete the form that pops out and click continue.
  7.  Input your 4 digits pin or token code.
  8.  Click done and you have completed your registration. A reference code will be sent to your phone.
  9. Go to GTbank ATM machine and press the enter button.
  10. Select Cardless withdrawals.
  11. Enter the reference code sent to you on your phone.
  12.  Put the amount,
  13. Press enter button.
  14. After that your transaction is completed and cash dispensed.

And finally, with the above, I think you can withdraw money from any GTbank ATM machine without an ATM card.

I have to really say that GTBank is one of the innovative banks in Nigeria, So, they are among the first that started card less withdrawal in Nigeria.

And anytime you left your ATM card at home. One can always refer to the above to withdraw at any GTBank ATM.

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