Top 10 Online clothing stores in Nigeria


Shopping cloth online in Nigeria has now gradually become a trend. Also, research shows that one of the items that Nigerian citizens often love shopping via online platforms includes fashion apparel and accessories.

Online Clothing Stores in Nigeria

In this particular post, we’ve made sure we highlighted the top clothing stores in Nigeria and it is arranged in no particular order.

1. Shopaholic

Shopaholic has become one of the foremost clothing destinations in Nigeria, especially when it is about fashion accessories, handbags, and jewelry.

In 2009, the company known as Shopaholic was established and launched under the BVX Limited Trademark. Shopaholic became the first Nigerian clothing store that introduced the payment mode of cash on delivery.

This online clothing store stands for excellent quality and affordability; that’s why fashion items are the top destination in the region.
You can visit Shopaholic’s online platform and check for everything you want whenever you want to purchase any fashion item. The store is renowned for its shopping experience, convenient and straightforward.

2. Obeezi

Obeezi is Nigeria’s other popular online clothing store. The authorized retailer was showcased on Black Friday, November 28, 2014. At very affordable prices, the store sells authentic clothes, wristwatches, shoes, colognes, sunglasses, fashion accessories, and so much more.

Their courier service is also pretty fast and is accessible in every town in the country, so it wouldn’t matter where your location is if you want to go shopping on Obeezi.
You can pay by cash on delivery when trying to make the payment, or you can pay through your phone or debit card online. Their payment system is very secure, and a smooth transaction system is sure to love.

3. Bentigos

Bentigos is yet another large online store that provides millions of Nigerians with a wide variety of pieces of clothing and accessories. The company is running a warehouse at the Gbagada-Oshodi Expressway Plot A12.

Some of their women’s fashion items include dresses, tops, skirts, sweatshirts, and jeans. But at the other end, there are formal, stylish and traditional outfits in their men’s wear.

You can also purchase on Bentigos accessories such as watches, sunglasses, handbags, belts, wallets, bracelets. Bentigos also offers flash sales with thrilling discounts for fashion items for both men and women.

4. InstyleFashionista

Instyle is an online clothing store in Nigeria selling UK brands. In addition to the online retailer, the store makes it much easier to buy these items by creating multiple forms of interaction.

For example, you can use your Whatsapp or Blackberry messenger to reach the sales representative, or you could just call directly to position your order. Instyle provides a huge selection of male and female clothes as well as accessories to make choosing trendy clothes from the online store.

Each month, fresh inventory is delivered in, so you’re still guaranteed to be something different every time you check the website. There are also lovely children’s clothes that make this shop a great fit for all your family needs.

5. MrP Nigeria

Even if you’re shopping for your 1-year-old kid or your 40-year-old partner, MrP has something for you in their inventory.

MrP has a huge range for children from 1 to 14 as well as a variety of inventories for men and women. Their clothes for men and women are casual and good formal outfits.

To keep up-to-date with the latest dresses, you can install the MrP app on your iPhone or Android phone. There is a smooth distribution process after you place your order, which helps you to monitor your order from the store to your doorstep.

6. Bezas Boutique

Bezas Boutique is among the leading online clothing stores in the country. The shop, while not neglecting style, beauty and glamour, is specially known for its decent quality clothing outfits.The store boasts a variety of fashion accessories that enable them to remain highly significant to the African fashion scene. Bezas ‘ prices are also quite competitive, making the store appealing to different consumer groups.

7. Dressrite

Dressrite is Digisol Nigeria Limited’s subsidiary. This inventory comes from large European and American countries such as the UK, U.S., Italy, France, and many more.
The online store has become an expanding outlet for shopping that helps you to shop easily without any problems. At any of their stores, you can pick up your order or you can sit by and watch while Dressrite to transport your order to your preferred location.

A range includes clothes, shoes, trendy costumes, caps, and car accessories for men and women. To stay up to date on new fashion pieces, you can install the Dressrite app on your smartphone.

8. Jumia

Jumia is one of the country’s most popular online retail outlets. It’s also a wonderful place to order fashion accessories and clothing items. You’ll discover unique fashion styles and developments from men and women clothing to kids clothing on the Jumia website.

You can purchase fabric from the internet based Jumia store as well. Jumia currently has over 1 million listed clothing and accessories on its website that allow you choose from a variety of options.

The website already has a local Jumia feature that allows you to purchase clothing and accessories at affordable rates from prominent local stores. The shop also offers a variety of apparel from international brands such as Zara, TM Lewin, H & M among many others.

9. Konga

Konga has plenty of choices for you because you’re looking to purchase men or women’s clothing or even children’s clothing.

The numerous categories for women includes playsuits, kimonos, skirts, jumpsuits, blazers, Islamic wear, lingerie, accessories, sleep wear, and many more. We also have clothes from popular brands such as Top Shop, Calvin Klein, Zara, and Victoria secret.

For men, you can buy for trousers, suits, nightwear, shirts, jeans, underwears and socks. You would see popular brands like H&M, Mustang, H&C, SJKY and many more.

10. Payporte

PayPorte is one of the country’s leading brands in eCommerce. You will shop on their web store for men’s and women’s clothing and accessories as well as shoes and accessories.

For access to new fashion accessories on your mobile phone, you can also install the PayPorte mobile app.

With the above-listed clothing stores that are available in Nigeria, have a wonderful shopping experience.


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