Top 10 Comedy Movies 2021


Are you aware of the new comedy movies that will be coming up this year? These comic dramas are really worth looking out for, it ranges from romantic comedy, suspense-filled comic dramas to 19th-century literature turned into a super interesting movie.

These movies will help you cool down from the likely work tensions that may be coming your way this year.
Come with me as I take you on this journey, introducing these comic dramas from Number 1 to 10 and getting you familiar with the actors you should be expecting to see.

The Comic drama 1: Like A Boss

This comic drama is about two friends whose characters were brilliantly played by Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne.

In the movie: Like A Boss they both agreed to start up a Beauty Enterprise together. Well along the line, mischief came in when Salma Hayek’s character who is supposed to be their sponsor began to take advantage of the ladies and they fought back.

Date of Release: January 10

Comic Drama 2: The Gentlemen

This is a comic drama you should not attempt to miss. check out what Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell and Jeremy Strong wore in this hilarious award-winning movie, sothout a doubt, you will marvel.
This comic drama tells the tale of an American baron who deals in marijuana. This character was played by Matthew McConaughey.

Date of Release: January 24

Comic Movie 3: Birds Of Prey

Although this movie is a superhero movie and it contains a lot of action violence and some weird characters but really it has some elements of comedy in it.

Some of the notable characters in this movie are Cassandra Cain Margot Robbie and Haley Queen you can’t afford to miss this one check it out.

Date of Release: February 7

Comedy Movie 4: Emma

This comic drama is majorly about marriage and matchmaking directed by Autumn De Wilde, this movie was inspired by the 1815 novel by Jane Austen.

The characters in this drama are: Callum Turner, Johnny Flynn, Miranda Heart Anya Tailor-Joy and several others.

Date Of Release: February 21

Comedy Movie 5: The Love Birds

This comic movie tells the tale of two lovers who found themselves in a terrible situation, the couple characters were perfectly played by Kumail Nanjiani and issa Rae.

This comic movie was directed by Michael Showalter, and other actors in the movie are: Kyle Bornheimer,Anna Camp, Red Robe Man, Paul Sparks.
Kenneth Kynt Bryan, Bounce Dancer etc.
Date Of Release: April 3

Comic Movie 6: In The Heights

This is surely a comedy you should look out for this new year 2020.
This is a hilarious drama starring Anthony Ramos known as Usnavi who found luck, love and loss within a short summer break.

Asides the comedy in this movie, you are likely to find some melodious songs too.
Actors in this movie are Lin Manuel Miranda, Stephanie Beatriz, Anthony Ramos, Melissa Barrera, etc.

Date Of Release: June 26

Comic Movie 7: Free Guy

This is an amazing science fiction hilarious drama coming up this year, you really need to be on the look out for this. It’s about a bank worker who suddenly realise that he is one of the characters in a video game. Watch to see the full gist.

Top actors in the movie are: Jodie Comer, Ryan Reynolds, Taika Waititi,Joe Kerry, Utkarsh Ambudkar. and several others.
Date Of Release: July 3.

Comic Movie 8: Bill And Ted Face The Music This is another science-fiction comedy movie you should check out later this year.

It’s about two friends who got a message from the future through a stranger telling them that their music will save the world. Watch out!

This movie was brilliantly directed by Dean Parisot, some of the actors are Samara Weaving, Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves, Anthony Carrigan, and others.

Date Of Release: August 21.

Comic Movie 9: The Witches

This comic movie is about a boy who visits his grandparents and became mired in a series of dramas with witches.

The characters are well played by Stanley Tucci, Octavia Spencer, Chris Rock, and Anne Hathaway.

Date Of Release: October 9

Comic Movie 10: Zola

This movie was made from that stripper tale that went viral on Twitter back in 2015. If you can recall well, that Twitter thread was a bundle of suspense. It combines thriller, road trip, criminal acts, and dark comedy.

The actors in this suspense-filled movie are Jason Mitchel, Nicholas Braun, Colman Domingo, Riley Keough, Taylor Paige, etc.

Date Of Release: It was premiered on the 25th Of January 2020.


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