How to Cook White Soup (Ofe Nsala)


For all lovers of food, we bring to you one of our local soups known as white soup. We will be looking at how to prepare this local soups from the comfort of your home, you can either make it for your family and friends.

This is a well-prepared guide that will take you through all you need to know about how to prepare this local delicacy all on your own without any help, all you have to do is to follow this guide and follows us step by step.

White soup also known as Ofe Nsala is a popular soup from the eastern part of this country, is predominately popular among the Ibos and our brothers from the south-south part of this country.

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White soup is best taken with swallow such as pounded yam, semolina,Wheat, Eba depending on your preference.

Ingredients Used to Prepare White Soup


  1. 200g Goat meat
  2. 200g beef
  3. Cow skin
  4. Smoked fish
  5. Cray fish
  6. Stock fish
  7. 1 fresh yam
  8. Nsala spices
  9. Utazi leaves
  10. Oziza leaves
  11. Ogiri/opkei
  12. Spices
  13. Snails
  14. Fresh Pepper
  15. Dried fish
  16. Maggi cubes

How to Prepare White Soup

 Let’s dive into how to prepare your white step soup by step, once you have all your ingredients ready.

  1. Step 1 boil your goat meat, beef for 30 minutes add 2 cubes of maggi and spice all together in the same pot leave to boil for 30 minutes.
  2. Step 2 Add your sliced onion into the pot and put salt
  3. Step 3 Add smoked fish when you notice the meat is tender and simmer together for 5 minutes.
  4. Step 4 peel your yam into small parts and cook in separate pot allow to cook for 30 minutes
  5. Step 5 after your yam is cooked mash it in mortar with a pestle
  6. Step 6 after you mash the yam in a mortar cut your oziza and utazi leaves into small shreds
  7. Step 7 blend your crayfish with ehuru seeds for 3 minutes, it will give your soup a good nice taste.
  8. Step 8 add your chilli spice to your meat
  9. Step 9 add your crayfish with nsala
  10. Step 10 cook for 10 minutes then add your mash yam into the pot
  11. Step 11 finally add the uziza and utazi leaves and stir all together.
  12. When all this is done properly your white soup will come out fine and ready to eat.

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Now that you have your white soup ready, next is to allow to simmer for some few minutes, say like 10 minutes, once that is done you can now serve your white soup with any kind of swallow you like most with prefer to eat with pounded yam, semolina, wheat, eba , fufu, it all depends on your preference.

With these well-detailed guide, you can now comfortably prepare your white soup from the comfort of your home.


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